Archives for the month of: January, 2005

we got new phones at work – the kind that has one basestation and wireless satellite handsets. dawn is kickin’ it in philly with some clients today so aaron and i set up the new phones. out of love for our country (but clearly not for our ears) we set all of the handsets’ ringtones to ‘the star spangled banner’. unfortunately, they don’t ring in unison. it’s just like in real life where one person is always a little late. you know, like:

…by the dawn’s early light (-ight)
what so prou(-ou-)dly we hai(hai-)led
at the twilight’s (ssss) last (ssss) gleaming (-ng)…

you get the idea.

sorry i haven’t posted in awhile. i’ve been working non-stop while at work and only today have i gotten a little break to do some site maintenance. the job is super, ‘white noise’ was creepy, the best part of ‘the life aquatic’ was the giant cross-sectioned ship, my new css book rocks and extra sharp cheddar makes awesome sandwiches. the other night i had a dream wherein i was going to be killed and i was waiting over and over to be shot in the head while the assassin did test shots with blanks or something because the murder had to be staged in a very specific way. but then he fell in love with me and decided not to kill me but his boss saw me alive and got mad and decided to finish the job himself, but this time also kill my parents. i guess he didn’t succeed? i woke up too soon to find out. weird. the end.

wednesday was the 2 year anniversary of hyperbolation. i look back at my first entry and i am amused and a bit embarrassed. and – whoa! pubweb! here’s to having my own domain. thanks to everyone who reads my site. this is the most successful journal-writing attempt i’ve ever made. i think a lot of it has to do with the technology aspect but i think the best part about having a website is there is a place where friends and family can automatically go to see what’s up with me and see pictures from trips and stuff. hooray for the internet!

i have been a bit lax in writing lately because a) being unemployed means less time in front of a computer and b) being home for a week and a half means enduring the dial-up connection that my mom (admit it mom! this is not dad’s fault!) REFUSES to upgrade. hopefully i will still be able to post stuff from…my NEW JOB! woo hoo! i feel like the new kid at an ultra-elite private school. kinda nervous, but mostly relieved that i have a job at a cool place. more on this later! happy new year!

damn you extreme makeover: home edition for making me cry after i ACCIDENTALLY saw TWO MINUTES of the show while flipping through channels.