wednesday was the 2 year anniversary of hyperbolation. i look back at my first entry and i am amused and a bit embarrassed. and – whoa! pubweb! here’s to having my own domain. thanks to everyone who reads my site. this is the most successful journal-writing attempt i’ve ever made. i think a lot of it has to do with the technology aspect but i think the best part about having a website is there is a place where friends and family can automatically go to see what’s up with me and see pictures from trips and stuff. hooray for the internet!

i have been a bit lax in writing lately because a) being unemployed means less time in front of a computer and b) being home for a week and a half means enduring the dial-up connection that my mom (admit it mom! this is not dad’s fault!) REFUSES to upgrade. hopefully i will still be able to post stuff from…my NEW JOB! woo hoo! i feel like the new kid at an ultra-elite private school. kinda nervous, but mostly relieved that i have a job at a cool place. more on this later! happy new year!