i decided to take advantage of borders’ buy 3 get the 4th free dvd deal. i got the ultimate edition (2 discs, superbit) of ‘the fifth element,’ ‘hero,’ ‘kindred: the embraced’ the complete series and the first season of ‘jeeves & wooster.’ so far eric and i have gotten through 3 episodes of ‘jeeves & wooster’ and it’s great. it’s a series from the uk that was on in the early ’90s. it’s based on the p.g. wodehouse books and stars stephen fry and hugh laurie (star of my new favorite show ‘house’).

saturday night i went to conrad’s 21st birthday party. lindsay made a delicious chocolate layer cake, but due to circumstances beyond her control the top split in half. eric made little warning signs (danger, delicious, unstable, quake zone) for the cake and lindsay added a lava flow made of red hots. it was pretty sweet.

eric and i watched some of the super bowl but ended up order thai and watching ‘american psycho’ during most of the middle of the game. after the game and ‘the simpsons’ we watched the preview of ‘american dad.’ ‘american dad’ isn’t the best show ever…in fact it’s eerilly similar to ‘family guy,’ down to the anthropomorphized pet who is in love with the family matriarch…but i still managed to laugh so hard i cried when the son (is this what eric looked like in high school?) tries to be smooth and hits on a popular girl by snapping her bra strap through her cheerleading sweater and asking slyly, “did that hurt so good?”

at work i’m sort of between projects – one is almost done and others are all queued up, ready to tackle me all at once. in the meantime i’m doing mood boards and trying to pin down our grant’s target audiences and whatnot. thus…


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