trivial pursuit in blue grass was great – my dad’s side of the family goes every month and this time we had enough people for 2 tables. we split into two groups: those aged 25 and under (my cousins, me, our boy/girlfriends) and everyone else. the kids table did really well – we were in 3rd place almost the whole time! 3rd place! at the end some other tables snuck up on us and knocked us down to 5th, but it was the best showing we’ve had so far. i think that we should’ve gotten 10 extra points for every pitcher of beer we drank…there were 8 people at the table, 7 of us were drinking and we had at least 8 pitchers.

sunday brunch with all of my mom’s family was really nice – it was my grandma’s birthday and my grandparents’ 63rd anniversary. yes. 63. the supper club had a great buffet and a lounge singer complete with drum machine. my cousin put in a request and everything. afterwards we went to grandma & grandpa’s for some visiting.

the weekend was too short for my liking, but i did manage to see almost every member of my family in one fell swoop. i also got to pet my kitty for a good 3 minutes before i sensed she was ready to eat my hand. i even got her to purr. i miss her. 🙁

the kitchen redecoration is going well – the walls have been repainted a nice soothing green, the refrigerator is in the middle of the room, the dishwasher is in the formal dining room and all the furniture except for the table and chairs in the nook is in the hallway…everything except the carpet should be done in just a few weeks.

that eating with my left hand thing isn’t going too well. that is, i had decided that in the interest of time and not embarrassing myself and my family i should not eat with my left hand at restaurants. unfortunately i’ve basically ONLY been eating at restaurants (or sandwiches with my hands) the whole weekend. tonight i’ll experiment with soup and let you know how that goes.

guess what opens this weekend? CONSTANTINE! i can’t remember the last time i was this excited for a movie. probably lotr. i’m going to go see it on saturday or sunday, depending on how i’m feeling after jon’s friday night bar birthday extravaganza. tomorrow night is half-price pizza and half-price movies at city north…hopefully i’ll finally get to see ‘finding neverland’…i saw ‘hotel rwanda’ (awesome) last week so this is pretty much the last one i need to see before the academy awards.

oh right, today is valentine’s day. i keep forgetting because a) i’m not big on holidays and b) i’m not going to see eric till 10pm because of his class. my dad did manage to slip my valentine’s box of pixies in between some mended jeans – i didn’t find them until this morning so it was perfect. thanks dad! (hug)