currently trying to straighten out the cluster fuck that has become of my efforts to switch mobile companies and get a new phone. in summary: i’m going for the razr even though i don’t need it. all of the rebates were too good to pass up and i don’t want to waste my new-customer discounts on a phone i feel ‘meh’ about. i don’t feel incredibly excited about the relatively feature-less razr either, but at least it will be really thin so there is a distant hope that it’ll comfortably fit in my pocket and it’ll look cool. it will come tomorrow and after i play with it a bit i’ll write about it and THEN i’ll get to processing the (not many, sorry) pics from the vegas trip and writing a little something about my impressions of america’s playground.

also, a reminder to check out the a/v club (first item in top menu) to see what movies/books/music i’ve been enjoying lately. changes as often as i see/read/hear something new.

update: i guess i have a couple of christmas pics and some random stuff too so i’ll include those in the photo dump.