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kara: adult rpgs?!

eric: what about a live-action adult rpg?

kara: isn’t that just “a fantasy”? i just don’t understand the point of an online erotic rpg

kara: i guess i’m just imagining something like those text-adventures i played

kara: i mean, ‘look‘… i don’t know – ‘GOBLIN. touch goblin.

eric:touch goblin penis‘!

kara:: ha! and then like, ‘i don't know _touch goblin penis_

eric:fellate goblin‘!

tetris tower pieces

i forgot! yesterday was eric and my 2 year anniversary. i mean, i didn’t forget about the anniversary, just to post about what eric gave me…tetris tower 3-D!! it is…AWESOME. not too challenging when playing by yourself, but there is something delightfully eeeee-vil about thwarting your opponent’s plan to complete a row when playing head-to-head.

our romantic night? eric cooked some of his awesome chili with hand-pulled chicken. this chili is the best chili ever (of the gourmet fancy-schmancy kind…the best fast food chili is from wendy’s); it has barbecue sauce and brown sugar and chocolate. mmmmmm. afterwards we watched some csi and played my new tetris game and then….went to sleep! that’s right – hot snoring action. eric had gotten up super-early in the morning to meet the movers at his apartment so he was pretty wiped out; i stayed up and read a bit then also passed out – and all before midnight. ahhh, pretty romantic, eh?

and what is my ultra-romantic present for eric, you might ask? oh, get this: NEW TIRES and maybe BRAKES. i bet every woman out there is jealous of my gift-giving skilz. i’ll have guys lining up to get some new radials or rotors out of me.

…i could’ve said ‘lube job’ or something like that, but let’s face it: nothing sexy about my gift AT ALL. however, i maintain that i am quite possibly giving a gift that could SAVE HIS LIFE. so really, it’s the gift of LIFE. not just spare car parts. seriously. this is how i rationalize things so i can sleep at night, okay?

happy anniversary eric!

about a week ago i finished the baroque cycle. after about…oh…5 months. neal stephenson is known for writing long books, but the baroque cycle is one huge epic story spanning eight books in three volumes. about 3000 pages total. for 5 months i hauled one of those books to and from work, reading bits and pieces during my commute and before going to bed. i read all three volumes in a row, one after another so i wouldn’t forget anything. except i forgot that the whole thing is 3000 pages, so inevitably i had to flip back and forth a lot. plus neal stephenson is the best at dropping these bombs that completely change how you consider the past 300 pages you read (more flipping back, re-reading, etc).

anyway, the baroque cycle was great. i’ve discovered that i really like historical fiction. it also had a shockingly almost-satisfying ending. i’ve read almost all of his other books and each one was an amazing beginning and middle with a last 10 pages that felt half-assed and completely frustratingly devoid of closure. if any of you have a few months to spare, or maybe you want to take it slower and immerse yourself for a year or so, the baroque cycle would be an excellent choice. as i neared the end of the system of the world (the last volume) i was sad to see it all come to an end – this little universe that had been living in my imagination for the past 5 months – but also excited to finally be able to read something else.

something more light-hearted, maybe.

something lighter.

something i could fit in my messenger bag without ripping out the stitching that holds the strap to the bag.

thus, in the past week i’ve taken a leisurely jaunt through the akhenaten adventure, a kids’ book i bought last year (first in a series called children of the lamp). it was great and satisfying and so blissfully short. after my next few books i’ll be able to tackle the blind watchmaker or that brian greene, or maybe the 1000 page or so philippa gregory.

so…idaho is passing a resolution to commend the hesses for making napoleon dynamite, as it has brought attention to idaho and it’s many positive aspects. seriously. i actually thought that it painted a sort of bleak picture of life in idaho – since i couldn’t for the life of me figure out in what year it was supposed to be set. at first i thought it was the early to mid-90s…when kip was talking about his internet girlfriend i was thrown off a bit but thought ‘hey, this guy seems pretty nerdy. maybe he’s just an early adopter.’ but once pedro’s cousins showed up in their low-rider i got confused and then became disturbed when i realized this must be happening closer to present-day.

no offense to idaho or idahoans or anything, just…is it really like that? i mean, i’m from a place where the high school is sandwiched between a cornfield and a beanfield and my house is in a township whose name is actually, i kid you not, ‘rural township’. there were days during the year when the farmboys would drive their tractors to high school and our school district started the school year on a certain date to make sure that we would still be on summer break when the rodeo occurred. i thought i had a pretty good gauge of isolated small-town culture. i guess there are still a lot of out-of-the-way/untouched places out there. which is sort of comforting, really when you think about it.

see full text here. they even use the phrase ‘freakin’ idiots’ in the official text!

[ via tyler, to whom i wish the sweetest and juiciest oranges]

i’m getting tired of the current site layout and i need to tear it down and redo all of the css anyway.

if you have any ideas or comments about how you’d like hyperbolation to look, leave a comment to let me know. i’m hoping to integrate the photo gallery a bit more…i don’t know how or where but….yeah. so – suggestions! i am not an idea person; i need creative advice!

today i was reminded once again of how lucky i was to get out of my former workplace with only mid-level self-loathing, minimal collateral damage and most of my sanity.

dawn – you are an awesome boss. i think i love you.

home for the weekend, $$ in my pocket, jeans mended, new summer shoes! got to pet coco, watched empire strikes back with my cousins, had a maid-rite!

life is good.

happy birthday mom!

little india

ghee happy is the website of an animator over at pixar. he’s illustrated a book for kids about hinduism that is extra cute. the site even says so. i like his animation style – particularly the wee vishnu that greets visitors on the home page. i am, however, a bit amused (or…relieved? whatever.) at the lack of giant phalluses in any of the gods’ portraits, wherein they are depicted with the items they are associated. although – he didn’t wimp out and give kali a daisy or something; she has a skirt of severed arms and a corpse’s head in one of her hands. …but they are CUTE severed body parts.

there is a 3-flat going up next door to where i work. this morning aaron saw a workman carrying a little stray cat from the site to his van. we all gathered around the windows watching the gray striped kitten crawl around the front seat. i was filled with longing.

on saturday eric’s sister was telling me the story of how she adopted her big orange striped cat. again with the longing. the next time eric’s brother-in-law asks me if i want the cat i might grab scout and run.

watch out carrie.

check out what dawn brought me from japan! tiny plastic food! tiny sushi! if you look at the re-ment site it seems like all they sell is tiny plastic food and furniture and purses. also she brought me some vintage postcards and a little guy with crazy hair who i don’t recognize but he’s neat (i realize the whole ‘crazy hair’ thing doesn’t really narrow it down at all. sorry.)!

update: the pink stuff is herbal tea with cherry blossoms. thanks kyle!