today aaron, antonio and i took a trip to the loop to find antonio’s golden goose: an all-cereal restaurant called ‘cereality.’ this is a new place located around my old stomping grounds – the civic opera/mercantile exchange area of town. turned out that the restaurant wasn’t open yet – far from it, in fact – and we ended up eating at blackie’s and paying $14.00 for parking.

being in the nw loop stirred up a lot of memories for me though. eating lunch by the river behind the boeing building…soup from specialty’s…rushing to the opera after work…catching the train for ravinia…chinese from eat & drink…movie lunches. mostly lunch memories actually, now that i think about it.

tonight eric made more of his awesome chili and i watched the second episode of ‘beauty and the geek,’ the single greatest reality show ever. are these real people?? they’re like caricatures of geeks and airheads.

today it was so hot it felt like i was walking on the surface of the sun. buying a car (with a/c) is looking really attractive.