i’m not saying i except tech support people to be gods. i don’t expect them to know everything about everything. but when i go to a tech support guy at a hosting company with a question, the last thing i expect to get in return is the dude asking me how i figured out what my php config settings were in the first place.


i mean, maybe the guy just doesn’t know php. maybe he’s more into like, the intricacies of IIS or apache or asp.NET or something. actually what i mean is: i hope php isn’t his normal milieu, because if it is, this hosting company has to rethink its hiring practices. isn’t looking at your php config pretty much a programming basic? you know, along the lines of reading out the values of an array or writing a loop or looking at the source of a webpage? fellow nerds? am i right?

update: the guy admits he’s not a php expert, then proceeds to tell me that his superior says OperationX just flat-out doesn’t work in the way that i said it does. in the way that i KNOW it does, since it works on two other servers at two other completely different hosting companies. the best he can muster is that maybe those other companies are using an older version of php. they’re not, it’s the same, and one of the first things i checked. then he tells me that they don’t support ‘coding issues.’ am i talking to myself here? the EXACT SAME THING works on at least TWO INDEPENDENT SERVERS at TWO DIFFERENT HOSTING COMPANIES.

so thanks for nothing, tech support. guess i’m moving the client to a different hosting company. you do not live up to your company’s name.