mca stairwell

today eric and i went to the museum of conteporary art (mca) to see the dan flavin retrospective. i was going to be good and not take any photos (since they are only allowed in the lobby areas) but then i saw a guy blatantly taking shots of everything with his cellphone, so i got this shot of eric standing in front of one of the light sculptures. it’s basically the same shot that everyone gets when they see the flavin exhibit because this little room is back around the corner from a tunnel and there are no obvious cameras surveilling you.

the big exhibit at the mca is tropicália, a look at post-WWII brazilian culture. it is pret-ty wild. there is a whole room of stuff to interact with – sensory masks with mirrors in front of the eye-holes or scent sachets in the cloth, sandy paths to walk down, a pare of macaws in a giant cage, clothes to try on, interactive books and ‘poemobiles’. there’s also this cool a/v sculpture, some completely insane sculptures and giant framed swaths of fabric with huge zippers. tropicália – you have to see it to believe it; made me want to go to brazil.

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