talk of earthquakes over at meghan’s weblog – oddly, i’ve experienced two and my first was…in illinois.

tonight was the reception for the alumni art exhibition at elmhurst. lindsay’s photographs were selected and they were awesome! all of the work was pretty cool, even if some of it really creeped me out. the exhibition is installed at the accelerator artspace, which is the first floor of the little physics building that houses an actual particle accelerator – a kevatron first built in the 1940s for the university of chicago, then moved to elmhurst in 1973. on the refreshment table was a little cake with digital numbers (very cool – eric wants some for his next birthday) flashing ’32’ for the accelerator’s 32nd year at elmhurst. you can see the accelerator – it sits right there in the middle of the room and is giant and silver and red and very futuristic looking. i took some photos which i’ll post soon (i know i know. i swear i’ll post photos soon) you can see here.

also, what a sweet car. corresponding back-story here (title: thirty is the new thirty).