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sampling of today’s spam subject lines:

why your sausage is so small?? :-))

followed soon by:

How long you will live with small dick?! ;))

update: at 10:30 tonight:

Hei comrade with small meat!! :))

there is some freaky ass silent hill shit happening in my hallway right now. the cfl on my landing is almost out and is only flickering occasionally. and creepily. and ominously. i got into my apartment as fast as my little legs could carry me.

visual aids:

feeling very restless lately. i’m going out more and hanging out with more friends and everything – more now than i have since college. but even so, i’m feeling vaguely dissatisfied. feeling a little depressed. i want more but i don’t know exactly what that ‘more’ is or where to find it or how to even start. at any given time i’m either incredibly stressed out or mind-numbingly bored. nothing fully engages me and my mind wanders all the time. it occurs to me that i haven’t had a real vacation – like taking a week or two to travel or go home – in a long time. small trips here and there, but nothing long enough to make the benefits of the trip outweigh the stress of travel and planning and missed work. i think i’m burning out. hopefully things will be better after the holidays.

travis. really thirsty. trent at his usual post zombie fashion forecast: plaid

amy quit & there was much rejoicing, new snapshots and zombies.

also – i’ve passed 2000 photos on flickr. i hereby mark this occasion with a hearty swig of tap water and a little jig that is for me to enjoy and you to wonder about.


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