wintry mix

a fantastic night: déjà vu at the davis in lincoln square then a leisurely (by u.s. standards) 2 hour dinner at bistro campagne.

déjà vu was pretty good, although during the ‘how the time wormhole works’ exposition i could palpably detect the movie losing at least 80% of the audience, and as matt pointed out – the other 20% were thinking, “wait. this isn’t…this isn’t right.” i could almost see the question marks appearing over people’s heads. i really liked it though. highly enjoyable if you enjoy a good predestination paradox story. and if you know me, you know i love a good predestination paradox. 🙂

at bistro campagne i had a caramelized onion strudel that made me completely reassess the Nature of The Onion. i am forever ruined for caramelized onions, because no one else is going to make them taste so sweet and creamy and simultaneously light and savory. if you go to bistro campagne (just south of the old town school of folk music in lincoln square) you have to have the strudel à l’oignon caramélisé.