going for a ride!

my grandpa died on tuesday morning and i drove home that afternoon. today was the visitation, tomorrow is the funeral. i’m doing ok, considering how fast it happened, the manner in which i found out and that the last time i saw him he was getting better, not worse, and was smiling because i had just told him i loved him.

i hate feeling this way and i feel so awful for my mom and my grandma. my grandparents would’ve been married 65 years next month. what is it like to spend 65 years with someone and then be alone?

something good from this – it’s amazing to see how many people loved my grandpa and how highly they thought of him. at the visitation today there were at least 400 people; the line was all the way around the room and out the lobby to the front doors for over three hours. everyone who knew him liked him and respected him – he was hardworking, loving, gentle, intelligent, curious, patient.

i’d say the men in my family have set the bar pretty high.