alert: rant ahead! close browser window if you are offended by my political beliefs, which really – you should be familiar with by now anyway.

off the AP wire:

“The Pentagon has drafted a manual for upcoming detainee trials that would allow convicted terrorists to be imprisoned or put to death using hearsay evidence and coerced testimony.”

WHAT? am i…am i having a fucking nightmare over here? wake up america – can’t you see what is happening? what has happened? it’s like we’re living a twilight zone episode where we realize we’re becoming the very thing we hate. except – surprise! – minus the whole realization part.

i don’t know why i’m surprised by any of this. no – actually, i’m not surprised at all. i was horrified about 7 years ago and completely at a loss about 3 years ago and it’s been a steady slide into incredulous apathy ever since. i guess i pretty much gave up a long time ago, but i’m still holding on to this naive hope that things will get better – that this is only the united states’ teenage-rebellion phase and it’ll work itself out. emphasis here on the ‘naive’, since apparently a great deal of americans can’t even grasp the basics: nearly 40% of americans think evolution is fake. look at the countries above the united states on that list! latvia? estonia? SERIOUSLY? i know nothing about these places, but i can tell you this – i certainly don’t hear ‘estonia’ and think, ‘the people of estonia have more common sense and are better educated than the people of the united states’ but i’m having a hard time thinking anything else when i look at that graphic. also, clearly this has nothing to do with religion since some of the most catholic countries EVER are on there. ok, now i give up. i’m moving to northern europe or japan. seeya suckers.