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update: check out the video cooking for ratatouille for a little insight into how/why the food in this movie looks sooo good.


tonight cecile and i saw pixar’s ‘ratatouille’ and it. was. fantastic. it was hands down the best movie i’ve seen this year. probably the best movie i’ve seen since ‘the prestige’ or (big surprise) ‘finding nemo’. i highly recommend it! i’m totally going to see it again with my parents next week and maybe even again after that!

…and awesome. fruit and veg horror movie in stills.

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i am sad.

some more great links:

  • matchbooks for every american sign language letter. awesome!
  • bugaboo daytrips have lots of walking trips for cities around the world. each one has descriptions and photos and a great illustrated map done by an artist local to the daytrip’s area.


kara: GAH

jon: ?

jon: who?!

kara: everyoneeeeee

jon: i’m sorry

jon: i thought you said


  • parkhotel is a short-term hotel where you stay in…a sewer tube? actually looks comfy.
  • neat designs for cd silkscreening where the hole is used instead of worked around.

eric: i have my aim logging to an encrypted volume on my new USB drive too

eric: there are all sort of “portable” versions of apps that keep all their settings and profile data on the USB drive entirely

eric: but mainly pc only that i am aware of

eric: not sure how it would work with mac

kara: i’m not real concerned about that sort of thing i guess

eric: yeah, mainly i am just excited about the possibility of having all my aim logs unified

kara: i don’t like to keep logs

kara: incriminating

eric: ah

eric: encrypted though!

kara: why would i need to look at them later?

eric: well i use them for work occasionally

eric: like “what did he say to do?”

eric: or i can say like:

eric: 3/26/07 (11:56:27 AM) Kara: maybe chorizo has displaced al pastor as my favorite mexican meat

eric: incriminating!

man, now i want some chorizo. i wonder what my cousin is making for dinner tonight.


summer is here, and i find myself more in love with chicago than ever. today i walked to tipsycake to get a lamington and the weather was perfect. humboldt park is peaceful today after the fervor of last week’s puerto rico festival: i saw birds and squirrels running in yards, people visiting on porches, cars driving by trailing happy summertime music. the flower store on the corner is in full bloom and i noticed some neat graffiti on the alley side of the building; i’ll have to try to get a photo of it later.

i’ve been so busy with moving, medical stuff and work, that i haven’t really had a chance to say goodbye to the city or my friends. there are things i still haven’t done in chicago: i’ve never been to millenium park, i haven’t done the architecture walking tour, i haven’t gone boating on the lake. in a week i’ll be halfway through my last day of work. in a week i’ll be living on cecile’s couch and i’ll only be a few days from living at home in the quad cities for a month. next week will be the last ‘the hump’ i’ll be able to go to (wed. @ lbc, 7-10) and cecile has planned a dim sum lunch for next sunday. hopefully i’ll be able to go caving once more in july and i’ll get to the ms&i for the csi exhibit. in the meantime, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up and i’m sure there are plenty of things that have completely slipped my mind.


Chicago-based Eatdrink see an importance in creating work simply for the sake of creating. Their piece titled “The Cat State“…takes you through an abstract 3D world of charts and graphs leading into a laboratory and ending on a sliced half-image of a cat. It all happens very quickly but the imagery is beautiful and I particularly like the silhouetted trees. Much of the elements appear to be 2D placed in 3D space, lending a crisp and clean look. For further insight, check out an interview with the creator about the project on Motionographer.

also, check out their cool reel.

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my bed for the next 2 weeks

my parents, mark and i loaded the moving truck yesterday. click the photo and rollover it on the following page to see notes.