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hamlet (facebook news feed edition) on mcsweeney’s.

thank god bacon is in the number one spot or i would’ve had to discount the whole thing.

the on-screen summary of ‘about a boy’:

An irresponsible playboy becomes emotionally attached to a woman’s 12 year old son.

well…yes, but…*sigh*

just what i’ve been looking for since i saw the trailer, bleary eyed and slightly jet lagged, at 9am at navy pier: comparison here.

friday night i went to irazu with mark, eric, cecile and lindsay. afterwards we went to the violet hour where jon met up with us. then we went to rainbo and closed it, hit up flash taco and sat in wicker park for awhile.

saturday i got up early and went to brunch with katie and jeanie at lula cafe. we stayed and talked for a long time until we thought they might kick us out. then matt picked me up and we drove to evanston to see ‘wall-e’ which was so cute. we had dinner at cross-rhodes (greek fries!) then a couple drinks at the hopleaf. some of my sorority sisters were having a dinner there so i stayed and hung out with them for awhile. afterwards i went down to old town for a party that one of cecile’s soccer friends was having. josh’s apartment is crazy – it’s huge, there’s an awesome kitchen and the rooftop deck and view is spectacular.

today i got to sleep in! hooray! i went to kuma’s for burgers with cecile, trent, matt and katie. then this afternoon – pitchfork! ahh, delicious abbey pub curry fries. we stayed until the end so i could see spoon then booked it to the furthest south bus stop we could get to, so we could get a seat. and now – early to bed so i can be ready when my mom picks me up in the morning.

the dark knight‘ was incredible. i loved it. i got teary. multiple times. the bat-cycle thing? (it must have a different name because ‘bat-cycle’ sounds horribly lame) it was so cool. aaron eckhart was great, morgan freeman put it over the top with his fantastic delivery again and again. heath ledger was creepy, and maggie gyllenhaal was a much improved casting choice. i saw it in IMAX at navy pier, and when the first shot appeared there was a collective gasp from the audience; it was a really cool moment. as was the huge audience reaction to this great bat-cycle thing that happens. there was a point where i thought the movie was almost over – and would’ve been a pretty great ending. but then the movie kept going for another hour and just got better and better. i can’t wait to see it again.

so to recap, so far today: kakuro on the bus. sausage egg mcmuffins at mcdonalds for breakfast. ‘the dark knight’. hot doug’s. and later tonight? irazu and hopefully the violet hour. *sigh* i LOVE chicago.

update: i forgot to mention that at navy pier, the hallway to enter the theater was painted black with neon ‘ha ha ha’s and stuff like that, plus fake stone. pretty cool. there was a guy dressed as the joker – full costume and make up. and the other thing i forgot to mention is that i was really impressed with how i didn’t know exactly where things were going during the film. some moments genuinely surprised me and i felt some of the worst dread i’ve ever experienced during it. i’m not sure if i was extra good at avoiding spoilers (ie: did everyone else know that _______ and _______ was going to happen??) or the studio did a great job of not being leaky. or maybe it’s just that the trailer didn’t give away the whole movie as trailers are wont to do these days?

update 2: ALSO! the ‘watchmen’ trailer was before ‘the dark knight’! and it was pretty cool. the dr. manhattan effects were a tiny bit slightly questionable, but that’s the only nitpicky thing i can think of to complain about. everything looked exactly. like. the. comic. archie (the nite owl’s ship) looks identical (and awesome). the scene where dr. manhattan raises his glass fortress looks amazing. it looks like many (all?) of the shot compositions are directly taken from the comic too. so excited!

this past weekend:

  • cameron and i threw our housewarming party on friday. it was pirate themed. lesson learned: when you have two functioning eyes, an eyepatch is not a good idea. i couldn’t find my mouth with my glass and that meant the eyepatch had to go.
  • meghan, her brother ryan and i saw ‘hellboy II’ at the chinese theatre on saturday. chinese theatre: awesome as usual. ‘hellboy II’: visually astounding, screenplay-challenged.
  • sunday morning i got up early (really early – like…5:30) and drove to playa del rey for the 15th annual keep LA running event. clayton’s sister, sue, has been in town and she’s a runner, so she entered the 10k. maria and i walked the 5k. everyone made good time and it was a great morning to be out. plus, i got a lot of free food and drinks at the expo afterwards. i was so inspired, that i decided to enter the bix for the second year in a row. i haven’t been training though, so no way i’ll beat my time from last year.
  • after the 5/10k, we went to the santa monica beach. and i was dumb and didn’t put on sunscreen. i even thought it several times, but did not act. it was extremely stupid and i’ve been paying for it ever since with a terrible sunburn that covers my whole body except my face, bathing suit area, hands and feet. i’m finally not burny anymore, or as red, but in about a week i’ll be peeling everywhere. gross.
  • after the beach, we went to this fantastic restaurant and got wraps and sweet potato fries. unfortunately i can’t remember the name.

tomorrow i leave for a weekend in chicago and then a week in the quad cities. internet access will be scarce, but i’ll be sure to take a lot of photos.

i should maybe think about drinkin’ it.