I came, I saw, I sat in Ballroom 20 for basically three days straight. My tweets from the weekend:


  • Seen a lot of cool costumes but the guy in the Naruto costume looked great!
  • The women in sci-fi panel was great (Weaver Dushku Saldana Mitchell) but the ‘Burn Notice’ panel was awesome! Bruce Campbell FTW
  • The ‘Psych’ panel was pretty great too! Dulé Hill did an impromptu tap dance! Now for ‘Dexter’.
  • In line for Dr Horrible. Eating muffin. Casting about for something to do tonight. Suggestions? Anyone know of any parties?
  • orig. twitpic link here – lyrics, callbacks & goggles!
  • Dr Horrible sing-along + Commentary complete. When everyone bounced along with the Bad Horse songs, the whole room shook!
  • Closed the piano bar at the hotel – sipping drinks in the ornate lobby.


  • Not even 8:30. In line for Ballroom 20 (where I’ll probably be all day).
  • orig. twitpic link here – about 1/10 of the line for ballroom 20
  • Saw a couple in AWESOME Resident Evil 4 (I think – get em confused) costumes. Was walking in line though and couldn’t get a photo 🙁
  • Also saw a fantasic Jason (with his 6 year old son in tow – kind of disturbing) and Teddy Roosevelt from NATM
  • Just realized Katee Sackhoff will be a member of the ’24’ panel. Suddenly way more excited about the ’24’ panel
  • Surprise panelist for ‘Caprica’/’BSG: The Plan’ – Grace Park! Geez she’s tall. Next up: ‘The Big Bang Theory’
  • Surprise moderator for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – Mike Mignola! Kunal Nayyar: super hot in real life 🙂
  • Holy crap Katee Sackhoff is GORGEOUS in person
  • HE’S HERE??! RT @VarietyComicCon dude just chased down the guy who played Wolf on "American Gladiators."
  • Dude in Pikachu costume that consists of hat, tail, body paint and bright yellow Speedo: my hat’s off to you, sir.
  • ‘Bones’ was good – Emily & Hart were fun, sadly no David. Up next: ‘Dollhouse’, Joss Q&A & a premiere screening of ep13 ‘Epitaph One’!
  • This season on ‘Dollhouse’: definitely Alexis Denisof, maybe Summer Glau!
  • TV Guide panel, giant dessert at Extraordinary Desserts, managed to only pay $12 for parking then drinking & playing with puppy at Mark S’s!


  • In line for the ‘Lost’ panel at Hall H. Are you happy Devin??? 🙂
  • Seated for ‘Lost’, got free poster! Played 20 Questions w/scifi characters in line w/people behind us. The girl was dressed as Sookie! [see it here]
  • The steampunkers waiting in the Masquerade line are FRAKKING AWESOME! makes me want to read some ‘Freakangels’.
  • After a 2+ hour wait, got a fantastic seat in the front section of Ballroom 20. Caught the end of ‘TheSimpsons’ panel and ‘V’ is next.
  • Got to see the whole ‘V’ pilot! Very good – should make for a really interesting series. Next: ‘Fringe’!
  • The cast of ‘Fringe’ is so funny and charming. One of Jasika Nicole’s long lost college friends surprised her and she almost cried.
  • orig. twitpic link here – people already in line to ask questions about ‘True Blood’
  • The cast of ‘True Blood’ is just as hot in person.
  • Comic-Con day 3 is over, now for some liquor & my first real meal of the day. This is how much I love this, people. I’ve forsaken FOOD
  • At Fred’s drinking a giant margarita and i’ve eaten almost nothing today. This will turn out well, I’m sure.


  • Carrying about 20 lbs of books and standing in line for 6 bags of swag.
  • @NathanFillion is even more handsome in person. Crazy, I know. *swoon*
  • The I-5 post-Con traffic has been harshing my @NathanFillion mellow for almost 3 hours now.