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I came, I saw, I sat in Ballroom 20 for basically three days straight. My tweets from the weekend:


  • Seen a lot of cool costumes but the guy in the Naruto costume looked great!
  • The women in sci-fi panel was great (Weaver Dushku Saldana Mitchell) but the ‘Burn Notice’ panel was awesome! Bruce Campbell FTW
  • The ‘Psych’ panel was pretty great too! Dulé Hill did an impromptu tap dance! Now for ‘Dexter’.
  • In line for Dr Horrible. Eating muffin. Casting about for something to do tonight. Suggestions? Anyone know of any parties?
  • orig. twitpic link here – lyrics, callbacks & goggles!
  • Dr Horrible sing-along + Commentary complete. When everyone bounced along with the Bad Horse songs, the whole room shook!
  • Closed the piano bar at the hotel – sipping drinks in the ornate lobby.


  • Not even 8:30. In line for Ballroom 20 (where I’ll probably be all day).
  • orig. twitpic link here – about 1/10 of the line for ballroom 20
  • Saw a couple in AWESOME Resident Evil 4 (I think – get em confused) costumes. Was walking in line though and couldn’t get a photo 🙁
  • Also saw a fantasic Jason (with his 6 year old son in tow – kind of disturbing) and Teddy Roosevelt from NATM
  • Just realized Katee Sackhoff will be a member of the ’24’ panel. Suddenly way more excited about the ’24’ panel
  • Surprise panelist for ‘Caprica’/’BSG: The Plan’ – Grace Park! Geez she’s tall. Next up: ‘The Big Bang Theory’
  • Surprise moderator for ‘The Big Bang Theory’ – Mike Mignola! Kunal Nayyar: super hot in real life 🙂
  • Holy crap Katee Sackhoff is GORGEOUS in person
  • HE’S HERE??! RT @VarietyComicCon dude just chased down the guy who played Wolf on "American Gladiators."
  • Dude in Pikachu costume that consists of hat, tail, body paint and bright yellow Speedo: my hat’s off to you, sir.
  • ‘Bones’ was good – Emily & Hart were fun, sadly no David. Up next: ‘Dollhouse’, Joss Q&A & a premiere screening of ep13 ‘Epitaph One’!
  • This season on ‘Dollhouse’: definitely Alexis Denisof, maybe Summer Glau!
  • TV Guide panel, giant dessert at Extraordinary Desserts, managed to only pay $12 for parking then drinking & playing with puppy at Mark S’s!


  • In line for the ‘Lost’ panel at Hall H. Are you happy Devin??? 🙂
  • Seated for ‘Lost’, got free poster! Played 20 Questions w/scifi characters in line w/people behind us. The girl was dressed as Sookie! [see it here]
  • The steampunkers waiting in the Masquerade line are FRAKKING AWESOME! makes me want to read some ‘Freakangels’.
  • After a 2+ hour wait, got a fantastic seat in the front section of Ballroom 20. Caught the end of ‘TheSimpsons’ panel and ‘V’ is next.
  • Got to see the whole ‘V’ pilot! Very good – should make for a really interesting series. Next: ‘Fringe’!
  • The cast of ‘Fringe’ is so funny and charming. One of Jasika Nicole’s long lost college friends surprised her and she almost cried.
  • orig. twitpic link here – people already in line to ask questions about ‘True Blood’
  • The cast of ‘True Blood’ is just as hot in person.
  • Comic-Con day 3 is over, now for some liquor & my first real meal of the day. This is how much I love this, people. I’ve forsaken FOOD
  • At Fred’s drinking a giant margarita and i’ve eaten almost nothing today. This will turn out well, I’m sure.


  • Carrying about 20 lbs of books and standing in line for 6 bags of swag.
  • @NathanFillion is even more handsome in person. Crazy, I know. *swoon*
  • The I-5 post-Con traffic has been harshing my @NathanFillion mellow for almost 3 hours now.

there were some really spectacular costumes at comic-con, and io9 has photos of the best: masquerade winners. my personal favorite is the samurai jack father-son costume.

owly cartoon

at comic-con, they had a cute video display at the top shelf booth showing the new owly cartoon! it is so so so cute. if you don’t already know owly, he is totally the best. i took a video of the whole cartoon just in case, but here it is online: owly in 3D!


crystal caste

  • awesome 12mm copper dwarven metal d20 – nice weight in the hand, and i can confirm it rolls spectacularly, as i had to chase it across the convention floor

dark horse comics

  • domo kun qee blind box – red! plus a part for the collect-all-6-and-make-a-clear-domo: a little foot.
  • hellboy qee – includes wee good samaritan

top shelf

  • owly: a time to be brave – signed by andy runton!
  • super spy by matt kindt – looks really cool and fun. i’ll probably read this one first.
  • 2 sisters by matt kindt

slave labor graphics

  • eating steve by j. marc schmidt
  • rex libris, vol. 1: i, librarian by james turner
  • agnes quill: an anthology of mystery by dave roman

quirk interactive mystery books


  • all three of their interactive mystery books:
    • dracula’s heir by sam stall
    • the crimes of dr. watson by duane swierczynski
    • batman: murder at wayne manor by duane swierczynski
  • free sense and sensibility and sea monsters poster

drawn & quarterly

  • berlin, book one: city of stones by jason lutes
  • curses by kevin huizenga
  • free d&q tote bag – cute!

telltale games

  • sam & max promo button that is totally cute

burn notice

  • sdcc 2009 tshirt with giant awesome half-tone michael westen head. i gave this to mark as a thank you gift for letting me stay at his place.


  • magic psychic ball – green magic 8 ball with such enlightening responses as, “yeppers”, “lookin’ good”, “definitely dude”, “wait for iiiit!” and “nooooooooo”
  • psych comic book, issue #0


  • 24-branded travel clock/alarm

true blood

  • red tshirt that reads, “it hurts so good”
  • true blood-branded paperback of ‘living dead in dallas’
  • true blood-branded notebook
  • coupon for the true blood drink! totally buying some of this for our next viewing party.
  • true blood drawstring bag


  • poster


  • the new york news – reproduction of the newspaper seen in william bell’s office during the season finale

stop! i'm a good guy!

got back home a bit ago, exhausted from the post-con traffic (and some truck trailer that apparently caught on fire) and 4 days of dealing with crowds, waiting in lines for hours, and an average of 4 hours of sleep per night. i have tons of photos of panelists, videos of most of the ‘the big bang theory’ panel, and tons of neat new books, but the high point was definitely seeing nathan fillion at his surprise signing today, just before i left. more to come – photos and videos will trickle out over the next week or so.