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really pissed that I can’t see this while I’m in Illinois:

another beautiful fall day in los angeles

hard to decide whether luke’s or stormtrooper’s is my favorite.

a few weeks ago i tasted real ranch dressing for the first time in years…and i can’t go back to fat free. i’m trying to choke it down right now and it’s just not working. hidden valley, here i come. maybe tonight.


more info here.

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from penn jillette‘s twitter feed (moxie is his daughter):

I made my Mom’s Molasses Cookies. She made them every week. I made one batch and the[sic] came out pretty good. Moxie loved them, and I cried.

after a preview screening of ‘the blind side’ in westwood village. first terry and jula saw him in the lobby, then we saw him again in the parking lot; his car was next to jula’s. was wearing nice button down and a vest and with a very tall woman who i assume to be his wife. he drives a quite expensive mercedes suv and it looked to be brand new. also he’s pretty good at driving in reverse from what we saw of him maneuvering out of the parking spot next to jula. then terry and i passed him and his wife on the sidewalk on our way to my car a few blocks away.

folks, lt. hawke/buck compton be lookin’ good.

this article is all kinds of educational; I had no idea that ‘gilmore girls’ chick was in her mid-30s. freaky.

where should I eat?

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