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eric sent me this – blog has a similar name, and the story is totally like my childhood up until the part where things take a serious turn for the worse.


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I have one vice. it’s my lip balm. if I don’t have it with me, I can feel my lips shriveling up into little prunes. and of course, now that I’ve found one I really like, it’s out of stock 90% of the time at bath & body works. so, a few weeks ago I was like, screw you, bath & body works – I’ll just buy a similar spf minty lip balm from banana republic. it’s all the same, right?

it’s not.

I’ve gotten used to the c.o. bigelow balm’s super-soft texture, strong (and sugary) mint taste and tingliness. the BR balm is…gah. it’s so hard (even if I’ve had it in my pocket all day) that I feel like I’m bruising my mouth when I’m trying to rub some on and it’s spearmint. I do. not. like. spearmint. the only good thing I can say about the BR balm is it stays pushed up to the same position and doesn’t go crazy and get stuck all over the cap like the c.o. bigelow tends to do. ok, like it inevitably does.

so, after three – THREE – failed trips to bath & body works to get the c.o. bigelow balm, today I broke down and paid $7 in shipping to buy a couple tubes of it online.

kara: 0 / c.o. bigelow and their mastery of supply & demand: 1

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most of these photos are best appreciated at original size so you can really see the blossoms up close. click ‘link’ and then on the flickr page click ‘all sizes’.

I drove up to Lake Balboa to see if the cherry blossoms were still blooming and was pleasantly surprised! Many beautiful shades of pink, and lots of busy bees flying around. The park itself is nice and peaceful. I even saw some people flying big elaborate kites. I made a mental note to come back in the summer for picnics.

mr men wolverine 82 Super Heroes/Villains Drawn as Mr. Men

some really great ones in here! see all of seven hundred’s work.

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Renee, Brian and I decided to get out of LA for awhile and take a day trip to Joshua Tree. We met up at 6:30am and stopped at Chick-fil-A on the way. We spent hours walking around the nature trails and clambering over boulders. No incidents except when I hiked over some rocks and they couldn’t see me anymore and got worried. After the park, we ate in Palm Springs, then walked around downtown for awhile. Then we went to Ben & Jerry’s for free scoop day.

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We left Napier and crossed to the other side of the North Island to the Waitomo glowworm caves. First we were kitted out in wetsuits, helmets and innertubes – and those wetsuits were a struggle to get on! It was a comedy of errors in the changing rooms. We spent over an hour wading through the cave system, jumping over waterfalls and floating down the river with the thousands of tiny blue glowworm lights overhead as our only illumination (and our only guide out of the cave). We got chocolate-covered marshmallow fish for a snack in the cave, and had a lot of fun with our guides, Brydie and Lloyd (who has no sense of smell!).

Afterwards we got hot showers, hot soup and hot bagels. We drove on to Auckland and settled into our hotel suite – our home until we boarded the cruise ship.