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Sometimes I realize I left the bathroom light on all day, and I feel bad. But then I perk up and I’m all “Hey! I’m the only one here to notice!”

…But then I’m all “Hey! I’m the only one here to pay the electric bill!”

I just made apricot chicken from Elise Bauer’s recipe and oh my goodness is it good. Took me a long time to make since I don’t cook often (and cook meat even less often, so I was worried my chicken wouldn’t be cooked through) but it was really easy. And smelled AMAZING as it was cooking! When I tried a little of the sauce as it was simmering, I involuntarily shouted expletives. Next time I might use a little less jam (I didn’t have fresh apricots on hand) and a bit more hot sauce. I served it over quinoa, because it was the only grain/noodle I had around, and I liked how the quinoa absorbed the sweet-spicy liquid so the whole thing almost became a thick stew. I’ll definitely make this again!

apricot chicken

Lovely weather today, and the trees (if they still have leaves) are all kinds of pretty colors. I saw this tree on my walk home from class.

autumn leaves

Late night snack

Oh yes.

delightful dinner

Seriously everyone – I know I’ve harassed a lot of you in person, but you have to check out the Tobolowsky Files. It is an AMAZING podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes, but you have to download the first episode from the website.

Now begins that curious month of my life when I know every record, seed, standing, and game time for a sport. Let the March Madness begin!

My dinner:

my dinner

spinach salad w/toasted almonds, blueberries, cranberries and a giant ‘Almond Joy’ cupcake

update: see it unboxed

Floating by

the Americana fountain — Glendale, CA

I was watching the fountain show, eating some blood orange Pinkberry, enjoying the sun and feeling thankful for my life considering all the craziness happening in the world right now (Libya, Egypt, Japan) when this pretty flower floated past me.

Reorganizing my Kindle when I thought: Wow, this has really rekindled my love of...bloody hell! #marketingpeoplearesmart #crazyfridaynight