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my poetry performance was ok. whatever. it’s over. wednesday at work i almost got my eye with a sheath of papers as i was bending over to get something out of my bag. that’s for you, andrew. 🙂

andrew’s birthday party was cool – some interesting drunken brawling and beer pouring.

we went to chili’s after work on thursday and gorged ourselves on yummy food. and also margaritas. then thursday night i completed my text exercise for compositing. friday right after class i went home for an ortho appointment and my mom’s birthday. we went to the texas roadhouse for some of the best ribs ever.

tonight is a new ‘alias’ for the first time in a long time…and i won’t be here to enjoy it. 🙁 but i will be eating at moody’s with eric, mike, kate, and meghan then seeing ‘identity!’ i hope it’s scary!!

please please please look at this. oh sweet jesus.

i just had this weak epiphany that i don’t need to sign my posts. because i’m pretty sure you all know who is writing these. so no more name stuff! i’m also thinking that my next version of this site will be a pretty straight weblog and not so much personalized – and by that i mean there will be no names or ‘about’ section…but i’ll still talk about my day since that’s all i can think of. also…does anyone besides eric and probably brian and on the outside chance, meghan, actually read this? hmm. whatever. i guess it doesn’t really matter. i know it’s here.

my schedule sucks. it could be worse, but only if i never had meal breaks ever. i’m so exhausted and it’s only wednesday night. and i haven’t even started compositing yet. i hauled my ass all the way up to searle this morning at 9 to target p/n a class but then found out that i can’t and even if i could, searle isn’t the place to do it. i was so pissed. but i did my personal narrative performance in anal/perf today and that was fine. i don’t really remember anything i said, so we’ll see tomorrow at the critique how people thought i did. then tonight was the anal/perf performance hour and it was AMAZING! people are so talented!

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what the fuck?! what the hell is this?!

anyway – erin’s going away party was awesome and the karaoke was great. i am officially done with winter quarter classes and couldn’t be happier about it. today i called a bunch of studios for day rate quotes and damn are studios expensive. ugh. but today is the student 20% off sale at borders. and that is SUPER! i bought 6 books and a cd. and i’m going back after work to peruse the dvds. rockin.


ah, procrastination. i am the master. so far i’ve watched charlie’s angels (+special features), downloaded pics of elijah wood, checked my email about 35 times and balanced my checkbook. yep, those papers are just writing themselves. i have this weird urge to play some board games or go to eac. anything to avoid thinking about writing. although i have actually brought my notebooks into the living room. that’s a good first half step.

for all of you with the two towers bootleg, be sure to watch it with the english subtitles on. oh let the hilarity ensue! check this out if you aren’t lucky enough to own the boot.