seek 'n spell

everyone who has an iphone! my friends over at retronyms have released their third iphone app. seek ‘n spellis a game that uses gps to plot your (and your friends’) location, then scatters virtual letters around you. pick a time frame, run around and collect as many letters as you can before your friends’ get there first, then spell words with your letters to score points. highest score wins!

i had the privilege of demoing seek ‘n spell during one of my trips to san francisco and it is a lot of fun. bonus: you’re outside running around with your friends, so you’re getting exercise AND hanging out. double bonus: everyone who is not playing the game and is in the area is totally confused and in most cases, really interested in what you’re doing. a great way to meet people maybe?

go buy seek ‘n spell! only $3 and totally worth it.

/shameless promotion