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Music video for Josh Ritter’s song made with over 12,000 pieces of construction paper!

My friend Mike made a music video for ‘I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe’ and it is AWESOME.

do yourself a favor and watch this chap-hop offering, then go and watch professor elemental’s first video for cup of brown joy.

via brad via chris

first of all, I had no idea the 80s version of this song was by george harrison. probably because I was five when it came out, and I was not really paying attention to who sang the songs I liked (not that I pay a lot of attention now either). second, this lesser-aired music video stars alexis denisof! behold: a sampling of photos of alexis denisof during his super-hot run on ‘angel’:

check out the first music video by my friends at lost moon radio! (nsfw)

I have no words.

via eric

the new broken bells music video (for my favorite song on the album), starring christina hendricks!

eric sent me this link to a k-pop group that has the same name as me. don’t know how to feel about that. at least they’re all hot and have neat outfits?

earlier performances before they decided to go more mature with their image: ‘mister‘ and ‘honey‘.

also i had a very realistic dream a few months ago that he was my boyfriend. i don’t think i have to explain now sad i was when i woke up and realized after a few moments that he was not, in fact, my boyfriend.