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I cannot emphasize how brilliant this show is. You can catch up on all of the aired episodes on hulu. probably worth the entire show just to see garret dillhunt’s line reading of ‘yeah buoy’.

venture bros music by jg thirlwell

go buy this now. it is amazing. why don’t i own venture bros. on dvd?? i don’t know! gah! i love this show!

update: i listened to this in the car and, no joke, i felt like frakking secret agent. great driving music to get you pumped for your day!

topher: our problems are huuuge. and indomitable.

adelle: oo. i could eat that word. or a crisp. do you have any crisps?

topher: …you haven’t seen my drawer of inappropriate starches?!*

although the best moment might be the reveal that topher isn’t wearing any pants. or when mr. dominic freaks out (petting his own arm: “soooooft. like a kitty!”).

* note to self: create drawer of inappropriate starches.