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man, it’s close-readings of films that make me happy to be a film major. check out this guy’s take on ‘the Matrix’

saw a sneak preview of ‘bruce almighty’ last night – funny stuff!

oh my goodness, amazing

right now it’s midnight. where am i? that’s right! WORK. i have just finished making 6 mark overlays for our promo commercials. oh boy.

further proof of my nerdity (besides making up words like ‘nerdity’): i’m tired today…er, tonight. know why? was i up with a hot date or seeing a movie or drinking or dancing? no. i was up until the wee hours last night reading my…

wait for it….

that’s right, i was reading my JavaScript book.

oh dear god.

i should go home soon i think, since i have to make some changes tomorrow – i mean, today. eric and mike, i hope you’re having a real good time. jerks. 🙂

ever want to know what happens during an autopsy? includes cute illustrations. no, really.

mike and eric, those lucky bastartds, are on their way to l.a. for e3 to try out video games and have fun and merriment in the land of sun and parties and earthquakes and landslides and flash floods and plastic and….oh wait. maybe that isn’t something to be so jealous about. no…yeah, i’m still at work and in class while they’re driving down the coast in their convertible so…yes, they are definately having a better time than i will be since i have papers to write and interviews to conduct and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

‘the matrix: reloaded’ opens this week!! YAY! jim bought 35, yes THIRTY-FIVE tickets for friday’s showing. all of compositing + the office are going. ‘yes, sir – how many tickets do you want?’ ‘mmm…you know, how about you just give me a whole theater?’

last night we went to lou malnotti’s for pizza and it was SOOOOO good. mmmmmmm. i almost can’t believe that that building, where yesterday’s used to be, is the same festering hell-hole that i spent two weeks in two summers ago. the ceiling was caved in, the smell was horrible, it was damp and 100 degrees, insects and god knows what else scampering around, high voltage film equipment stung in the basement which was rapidly flooding up towards the breaker box when it started to rain and since none of chicago drains AT ALL the streets were flooded and we were trapped there with a mass electrocution ready to happen at any moment while the director went insane and started swimming in the streets.

man, i’ve got to start updating this more often.

this week i did a lot of nothing. well, not really, but i was sleepy most of the time so i ended up taking a lot of naps.

friday i got to compositing at 5 till 10 only to check my email and find that class was postponed until 11:30. so i sat there for an hour and a half looking at websites. here are some of the fruits of my labor.

  • you know how some people are just automatically funny? they can tell any story and somehow it’s hilarious? that is this guy. check out ultramicroscopic.
  • ever stuck in a meeting and all you can think is what language are these strange people speaking? next time, be prepared with bullshit bingo, a proud service provided by Cayman Business Systems.
  • last, but certainly not least is every…..well, deep-down probably everybody’s fantasy. the tagline says it all. get paid to look at porn. sign up today and study to become an adult site webmaster.

‘identity’ was, indeed scary, but between mike and my theories, we pretty much had the movie figured out by the halfway mark. tonight we’re going to see ‘x2’ and i am SO EXCITED!!!! everyone says how awesome it is, and i can’t wait to get my geek on. i’m heading over to the theatre at 7 to check out the line situation and maybe have a few drinks at the rhythm room.

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