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check out eric’s cafepress kiosk – speakless designs. you can buy some great shirts there with some awesome designs sort of based on this post on kyle’s blog.

what did i get in the mail? the o’reilly catalogue! ha HA!! how deliciously nerdy is THAT?

since wil wheaton has a book deal with these guys, maybe i can score that.

tonight i FINALLY got to see pat and ryan play with the whole band, since EVERY TIME they had a gig before, i was out of town. or the venue burned down. long story. anyway, it was sort of appropriate i guess that tonight’s show was at nevin’s – since they were so big at open mic there last summer (back when it was kara and the boys before it was pat and the girls). the show was AWESOME and i am so proud of those guys! ryan is such a great songwriter and pat has picked up the bass so quickly (but was there any doubt? this kid has had nary a piano lesson and can blow through songs it takes me months to learn)!! their temp drummer is amazing – this guy can play everything. will and steve met kate, jon and i at nevin’s and a lot of pat and ryan’s friends from home and school were there. also talked to bogdanovich (peter barnes) who i hadn’t seen for awhile. that kid is always wearing the same outfit. always. paul was there working the sound system and later sheila dropped by too. it was a party!

i picked up ryan’s cd, ‘climb,’ which you can purchase over at cd baby for $12 (so worth it) or come to a show and get one for $10. they’re already getting airplay in st. louis!

ok i’m done gushing – here’s ryan’s website if you want more info.

cricket cola is my new favorite cola. which…is not really saying a lot since i generally dislike carbonated drinks. but cricket, the cola with green tea mixed in, has a nice sweet earthy tea flavor. mmm!

it all started with a doughnut. i inhaled the doughnut. it made my throat kind of raw and scratchy. i thought that was the end. then on thursday i started coughing and started feeling feverish. i stayed at work and came in the next day and oh man did i pay and pay and pay for that. friday night i couldn’t sleep due to coughing fits so violent i was sure i was going to throw up and on saturday i had a fever and chills and sweats all day. sunday was a little better, less body aches a little less coughing. except of course when i tried to go to sleep, this is when the coughing would immediately start again. or worse, it would lie in wait until i fell asleep and then it would attack, chasing me to the bathroom to cough up what? some rewarding mucus? something to make it worth while? no, some barely thicker-than-spit fluid. sunday was also when eric, who had been so sweet and awesome taking care of me while i was barely coherent on saturday, started to get sick and get a fever. monday eric was having chills and sweats and fever and i felt worse again. today, 5 days from the first symptoms and something like 6 different kinds of drugs later, i feel about the same, although eric’s fever has gone away. the bright spot? thought you’d never ask:

ladies and gentlemen, the octo dog frankfurter converter. maybe i’ll get this for my mom.

kara: i just kept waking myself up with my coughing

eric: maybe you can try the all night, sneezing, sniffling, coughing, stuffy head, so you can pass out medicine

i would like to direct your attention to this post which references beanbag amerika, as the man himself has commented on it, and there is sort of an ongoing dialogue there that might be interesting to you.

thanks to wil wheaton’s website, WWdN for the link to this totally hot (weird) pic (screen capture) of wil (wesley). daaamn!

here is my first spam! aww…isn’t it cute? for the record if you look up that ‘person’ all the links go to dumb penis-related sites. uh yeah…i’m a GIRL. and probably no one who reads my site suffers from erectile dysfunction since about 90%…are GIRLS (even though mostly boys post comments. ahem. AHEM!! LADIES). so try making your random blanket postings a little less random, and maybe try making your comments make sense so they don’t look so suspicious. again, for emphasis: fuck off.

my mom sent me the website for tomie dipaola, author of my childhood favorite, The Cloud Book. my copy is even autographed! my aunt in michigan works at a library and got him to sign it for me.