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what is your hobbit name?

this caustic little guy will review your favorite band/artist/album/song as only an embittered cg character can. especially amusing since one of my coworkes recently moved to CA to write for the Apple Music Store. he could use this if he get’s writer’s block! or really hates something he hears i guess. either way.

this german image template thingy will spraypaint your message on this bridge. it looks so real. fool your friends.

please please please check out this video demo of the sawstop, a saw that detects the difference between say, wood and human flesh and automatically stops and retracts the blade so you can’t accidently maul yourself. lots of other fun videos on this site too. thanks to engadget for the link.

where has this week gone? i guess i did stuff every night so that’s why it flew by, but really – shouldn’t it only be tuesday or wednesday?

i played chip’s challenge for a couple of hours last night (ok, more like 5) and in looking for the level code i couldn’t remember, discovered that this game has 150 levels. 150. i am only on level 30-something. i will not rest until i have reached level 150.

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my mac is hooked up to two nice sony g400 monitors. my pc is hooked up to the second input on my second monitor. this means i can switch back and forth and compare pages side by side all at my desk.

is this heaven? maybe.

i am so fucking in love with chip’s challenge for atari lynx. eric dug out his gen 1 lynx (eric’s is in much better shape than the one depicted…here is his cool carrying case also) and i played chip’s challenge for hours on end last night, got so exhausted and thumb-sore after the marathon session that i passed out and didn’t even bother to take a shower this morning or go home for a change of clothes. the lynx has a brightly colored screen and a backlight that totally makes my game boy advance look like a piece of crap. plus you can push two buttons and flip the whole thing over so the buttons are reversed – perfect for thumb fatigue!

ok nu students: your days of being locked in dark depressing concrete tombs is over! áron losonczi has created light transmitting concrete

these forms from nature are so cool…and free!

the electrovaya scribbler just might be the computer of my dreams. except for that whole windows thing. (thanks to gizmodo for the link)