first of all, i would like to direct everyone’s attention to the worst album covers over on pitchfork. jon sent me the link today and it’s been entertaining aaron, antonio and i all afternoon. the captions are the best part, reminding me of the do’s and don’ts from vice.

also, a sad little observation: somehow tuesday has become my favorite night of the week. and why? not because of half-price movies or half-price pizza (which doesn’t exist at o’famé anymore anyway), but because it’s my favorite night of tv. T. V. admittedly, i have always been a tv fanatic and usually have a whole roster of shows to watch each night, but somehow tuesday night tv is the only night of shows that gets watched live (gasp!) or only stays on the tivo for 18 hours, max.

despite all past failings (all of those prematurely-cancelled shows. sigh. moment of silence for ‘firefly’ and ‘profit’ and ‘strange luck’ and ‘space: above and beyond’ and ‘the inside’, etc etc), fox has managed to snag my two favorite shows for this year – ‘house’ and ‘bones’. ‘house’ stars hugh laurie as a particularly crotchety misanthrope who will go as far as necessary to prove a point and ‘bones’ stars emily deschanel as a forensic anthropologist (one of my many toyed-with ideas for a profession) and david boreanaz as an fbi agent (also once my chief aspiration). if only fox had ‘numbers’ (two hot jewish brothers, one an fbi agent, one a genius mathematician – basically an entire family of the hottest things i can think of), then i would have to go ahead and offer up my soul.

i’m seeing ‘harry potter and the goblet of fire’ this thursday night at 12:01 with a big group. the girls will be all a-twitter over daniel radcliffe and the ruskie who plays ‘viktor krum’ while lamenting the absence of the graduated ‘oliver wood’ and the boys will be all over emma watson and maybe the chick who plays harry potter’s girlfriend (i haven’t seen her yet). both groups’ obsessions will freak out and disgust the opposing gender/sexual-preference group while at the same time, each group will have no idea what is wrong with their own brand of barely (if-at-all) legal lust. fun times ahead.