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for the love of god, do NOT watch ‘cannibal ferox’ if you don’t want to see a slew of adorable animals horribly killed and eaten. antonio and i were freaking traumatized after watching that movie.

oh, and if you have an aversion to graphic violence against humans including cutting off of penises and the eating of said penises…yeah, this movie probably isn’t for you either.

…soundtrack was good though.

It's a Trap!

there was a celebrity mii contest at and eric and bocci’s admiral ackbar was a finalist!

go to eric’s photos on flickr for more miis.

if you don’t know who admiral ackbar is, i’m sorry but we probably can’t be friends anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

i have always been fascinated by archaeology, and when i was at university i jumped at the chance to take ‘the maya’. i, like many other archaeologists/historians/nerds am both excited by and wary of apocalypto. i want to see it because i think maya culture is incredibly interesting, but i don’t want to support another mel gibson violence-porn. i want to see it because i think it will be entertaining, but i dread watching all kinds of inaccuracies unfold in front of me.

however, the movie has rekindled a lot of public interest in the maya, which i think is a good thing. the maya were incredibly advanced in a lot of scientific areas and, like the ancient egyptians (another great nu class), serve as a sobering reminder of how quickly a thriving culture can disintegrate, even after centuries of prosperity and “we’re #1”-ness. 3 quarks daily has posted a really cool article about the field of acoustical archaeology and the (theoretical) applications of advanced acoustical engineering in maya architecture.

drew prints the pink skull

friday for our office holiday party we went to the chicago printmakers collaborative and screenprinted all afternoon. it was so cool! dawn had a bunch of screens made with different graphic elements she’d picked out for each of us. she also bought everyone american apparel scarves to screen. i think everyone ended up screening the red heart on their scarf except for dawn, who did the pink skull. raphy came by and brought his little girl too.


friday night we went to magnolia cafe for dinner. the food was fantastic and the desserts were really good. dawn had a bunch of great surprises for us, including a surprise poster she had delicious make us.

saturday katie, cecile, cecile’s friend ann and i went to russian tea time for lunch then went to see ‘the nutcracker’ performed by the joffrey ballet. it was FANTASTIC. it was magical. it was beautiful. i was slightly skeptical that it might be a little boring or something but it was so good. i might’ve even got a little teary at some points.

auditorium theatre

post-ballet we went to macy’s, met up with kris and then went over to the christkindlmarket for german pretzels and toasted nuts. after that, kris, katie and i went to feed the beast in lincoln square and had some drinks. kris’s roommate rob met us too and we stayed there for at least 3 hours. andy’s party was last night, so i went there sometime after 10 and everyone else went down to the hideout to see a daft punk cover band. the food at andy & jake’s was fantastic; jake is a chef and everything was so good. jon, andrew and cristina had to leave early to hit another party, but cecile, brian, sarah, devin and michael stayed pretty late. i think we left sometime after three after a lot of merriment and futurama.

today i slept past noon and have been fiddling with my new computer. thought about going to the davis to see a movie tonight, but meh. i have plenty of stuff on my tivo and computer i can catch up on, and maybe i’ll actually get to wrapping presents.

i have a new (used) computer! it’s an aluminum g4 powerbook – 12″, just a little guy. after some initial hiccups everything seems to be working well. and fast. trying to get used to the keyboard and everything (2-finger scrolling is the best btw), but really the only downside to this new machine (other than it’s not as sturdy as titanium) is its smaller screen. and at 3x faster than my tibook, i can learn to live with that. ๐Ÿ™‚ i took some side-by-side pics and everything nerdy like that, but i’ll post them later – time to rest up before the big holiday party day tomorrow!

ps – the movie theater screening of the mid-season battlestar galactica finale was pretty cool.

either the best or worst css zen garden ever.


ah, hot doug’s – you make everything ok. hooray for the teuben – a corned beef sausage with russian dressing, sauerkraut and swiss. i met cecile, elizabeth and brian up there for lunch today. i took drew, since he’d never Experienced hot doug’s. mmm…hot doug’s.

update: cecile’s photos

experimental instrument orchestra

last night i volunteered at the 137 films fundraiser. the found films were great and the music was insane. the experimental instrument orchestra was amazing! they make instruments out of objects they find in the trash or abandoned. a lot of people showed up for the event – at one point the gallery was so packed it was difficult to move. it was a lot of fun – i’m excited for the next fundraiser!

art school girl katie photographs delicious
good night, tv! shadow puppets

today katie and i went to the renegade craft fair (holiday edition) and saw art school girl, good night, tv! and delicious. there was a lot of cool stuff but i held myself back and only bought 3 things – two gifts and some little letterpressed gift tags.

after renegade katie and i went to wicker park and shopped a little. andy was working at urban, so we met up with him and had an early dinner at penny’s.

this week: monday hot doug’s, firebelly holiday party + printing workshop on friday, elizabeth’s music holiday party on friday, the nutcracker on saturday and andy’s party after that.

my bad week has turned into a bad month. this morning my car was hit by a woman who wasn’t paying attention to where she was pointing her car. my driver door is crunched and paint all scraped off. scraped the rear panel too, so if i ever want my car to be pretty again it’s sure to cost a lot of money. which i don’t have, because my week was looking up and as part of what i thought was the end to the bad times of the previous two weeks, i bought a nice slightly used powerbook. the car accident is just one more thing to increase my 11-out-of-10 stress level. my grandpa might have probably has cancer. wasn’t beating hodgkins lymphoma 25 years ago good enough? my cat is dead. i can’t hear about a cat or look at a picture of a kitty without starting to cry. and other things that are too personal/marginal to write online. but it all adds up, you know? i better win the lottery next week or have the most awesome 2007 ever to make up for this slow piling-on of unfortunate occurrances. i need hugs.

update: feeling slightly better. but probably only because i haven’t seen my car in a few hours. thank you to everyone who has sent me virtual hugs.

wintry mix

a fantastic night: déjà vu at the davis in lincoln square then a leisurely (by u.s. standards) 2 hour dinner at bistro campagne.

déjà vu was pretty good, although during the ‘how the time wormhole works’ exposition i could palpably detect the movie losing at least 80% of the audience, and as matt pointed out – the other 20% were thinking, “wait. this isn’t…this isn’t right.” i could almost see the question marks appearing over people’s heads. i really liked it though. highly enjoyable if you enjoy a good predestination paradox story. and if you know me, you know i love a good predestination paradox. ๐Ÿ™‚

at bistro campagne i had a caramelized onion strudel that made me completely reassess the Nature of The Onion. i am forever ruined for caramelized onions, because no one else is going to make them taste so sweet and creamy and simultaneously light and savory. if you go to bistro campagne (just south of the old town school of folk music in lincoln square) you have to have the strudel à lโ€™oignon caramélisé.