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damon weaver asks joe biden about the duties of the vice president. the voice over is amazing. the end is the best. this kid is MY homeboy.

mom: guess what we did today

kara: ?

mom: well, dad went in to help load some of jessy’s things to move down to peoria this morning at 9

mom: i was going to go in to help load the u-haul after i took grandma for her hair do

mom: but dad was done before i even took grandma

mom: sooooo – we went to look at the 09 toyotas and test drove one

mom: picked up lunch and then went to zimmerman’s to test drive & look at the civics


mom: we were just going to see what they could offer us with a trade in and ended up buying one!!

mom: the deal maker for buying the car was she threw in the mud flaps ($149) for free

kara: mud flaps were the deal maker?

kara: are you kidding me?

mom: not really – but we were ready to leave and she asked what would it take to buy it today

kara: ha

kara: and you said free mud flaps?

kara: which are only $150?

mom: well, it was a pretty good deal to begin with

mom: like i said – we really weren’t planning on buying a car today – it just kind of happened

kara: hm

kara: you ‘accidentally’ spent $15,000?

mom: kinda – maybe – sorta

kara: can you ‘accidentally’ spend $2000 on a new computer for me?

mom: LOL

kara: i mean you saved a ton of cash on those mud flaps…


mom: dad’s almost rolling on the floor

apparently now the border of the US, and therefore the area wherein random (and otherwise illegal) searches are allowed to be conducted, now extends 100 miles inland all around the perimeter of the US. This means roughly 2/3 of the population of the US is subject to these kinds of searches. WTF. the 4th amendment suddenly doesn’t apply to 2/3 of the people living in the united states?! how are we allowing this to happen? i don’t even have words to express how outraged/disgusted/disappointed i am by this.

i encourage everyone to read cory doctorow’s young adult (but very relevant to all ages) book, little brother, which tells the story of a high school student and his friends in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on san francisco. they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, kids are tortured (waterboarding is torture no matter how the US government tries to sugar-coat it) and the whole city is stripped of privacy rights. frankly the whole book is pretty chilling because it’s so frighteningly plausible, and moreover – probable. you can download the book here.

check out kelly in this new video – mindy’s blogosphere!

Meghan, Maria, Elaine and I had dim sum in Chinatown then walked around the arcades and plazas. We got coconut bread and boba smoothies and saw a dragonfruit plant.

…wasn’t that scary. but it WAS a lot of fun. we (kristina, pat, andrew, morgan, meli, stefan) rode rollercoasters and other rides (ghost rider: best rollercoaster EVER; riptide: not so much fun, since meli lost her phone into the pool below during one of its crazy barrel-rolls), plus went through haunted mazes. stefan’s main complaint, shared by all, is that the mazes were all too brightly lit. i’m used to the haunted houses back in the qca where it’s pitch black the whole time and you actually can get lost. the haunted mazes were more about looking at the creepy tableaux and having people in costume jump out at you. or kick you in the face.

seriously. this one dude in the clown maze (yeah, i don’t know how i got convinced to go in there either) kicked and his foot was about two inches from my face. and i just froze. or kept walking forward, depending on who you ask. in retrospect, i should’ve just let him kick me in the face so i could’ve sued someone. oh well. but as pat pointed out, and i don’t know why he didn’t believe me the other 10 times i’ve told him this, in a survival situation i’m going to be the first one that’s taken out. i have some sort of adrenaline deficiency or something!

we ended up being at the park for over six hours. the park itself was pretty cool – lots of halloween decorations, fog machines and creepy lights everywhere, and hundreds of people in costume waiting to scare people. this one ghoul had a fake dead rat in his mouth and followed pat, then andrew, around for a solid five minutes. just making sniffing noises and wiggling that dangling tail at the backs of their heads and necks. surprisingly, watching people get scared (or really uncomfortable) was probably the most fun of the whole night. well, that and ghost rider.

let me preface this entry: believe me when i say i am having a hard time staying calm and not running around the block in exultation. i love nathan fillion. in a completely sexual and borderline creepy way. i freely admit this. i love him. LOVE HIM. ok.

first off, nailing your wife – produced by the gunn brothers, directed by james gunn, shot by NU alum (and director of ‘robert portrait of a legend’) pete alton and starring nathan fillion. BRILLIANT.

Nailing Your Wife | Girls |

and, a preview of nathan fillion’s new midseason replacement series, ‘castle’. i don’t know how good the show itself will be, but if all there is to carry it is nathan fillion’s charm, it’ll be on the air forever. how cute is he when he says ‘boys will be boys’?? i’m swooning BIG TIME over here.

…did i mention that nathan fillion is my future husband. yeah. he is.

finally, eric’s theory, accompanied by a handy visual aid.

ordered some thai from the vegetarian place that’s sort of expensive, but WHATEVS the papaya salad is amazing and what do i find in the bottom of the bag? a little packet of napkin and utensils – but this is not a normal packet. this is not a napkin and a knife and fork. this is a napkin, a SPORK and a STRAW. amazing. congrats, sort of expensive vegetarian thai place. you’ve scored a loyal customer.

i can’t wait to see this exhibit when it comes to LA! gorgeous photographs of amazing (or mundane) places. i won’t repost the photos because they’re best appreciated huge as in the linked article. my favorites? 2 (cauliflower? no…), 14, 18, 28 (want to take a month-long vacation here), 32, 33.