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topher: our problems are huuuge. and indomitable.

adelle: oo. i could eat that word. or a crisp. do you have any crisps?

topher: …you haven’t seen my drawer of inappropriate starches?!*

although the best moment might be the reveal that topher isn’t wearing any pants. or when mr. dominic freaks out (petting his own arm: “soooooft. like a kitty!”).

* note to self: create drawer of inappropriate starches.

thanks ‘i love you, man’, for making it so every time i hear ‘anwar sadat’, i think of sydney’s dog.

today i stopped by corner bakery to pick up lunch for maria and me. i parked in the ikea lot since the corner bakery lot is small and a pain even during off-hours. i noticed ikea had their tent up in the courtyard so i decided to stop by on my way home. and – one stop shopping! in one five-minute tent odyssey i got all of the things i’ve had a mind to find over the past few months.

solig pitcher

solig pitcher in blue – has a little freezer insert in the middle to keep things cool! now i can make iced tea and stuff like that.

solig bowl

solig serving bowl – thin milky glass, and the perfect size to serve pasta/salad for two or a giant ice cream sundae. …just sayin.

solig tray

solig tray in green – since my bedside table is full up with magazines and books and sometimes my laptop, i needed something for next to me on the bed, to keep drinks and maybe snacks in easy reach, without getting crumbs or spilled liquids everywhere.

the new trailer was shown in front of ‘i love you, man’ and OMG!!!!!!

maybe repeating ‘uti’ over and over in your commercial isn’t the best way to attract people to your school, universal technical institute.

got home from the big road trip about an hour ago and it was a success! trip outline below:

  • drive to sf via the 5. road trip mcdonald’s!
  • got to sf early, so headed straight to the union st. rugby store. i got a really cute sweater – fits like it was made for me, which is rare indeed – elaine got a hoodie and a great hoodie-dress, and clayton got new jeans and shirts and a hat.
  • eric met us at the store, then we drove to dan’s office to park by way of super-windy lombard street.
  • we picked up dan and emma, then all walked to north beach for italian. we ended up at รจ tutto qua, where we had an adorable waitress, delicious food and wine, and saw a fender bender happen in front of the bar across the street.
  • we dropped emma and dan off at dan’s place, then went back to eric’s and played some wii.
  • morning scones and coffee/tea.
  • we all piled into eric’s car and drove to los cantaros for breakfast burritos. mmm chorizo burrito and horchata!
  • drive to the mission – pick up dynamo donuts for the next day’s breakfast, and of course hit humphry slocombe for ice cream. this time i got secret breakfast (bourbon and corn flakes) and guiness irish soda bread. mmmmmmmmmmmmm!
  • winchester mystery house! the drive to san jose was really pretty – very wooded and a few lakes/reservoirs. turns out the mystery house is right next door to the big century theatre dome complex where eric and i saw wallace & gromit way back when.
  • the winchester mystery house was neat, but the tour guides were a bit lacking. the tours were very scripted and our first tour guide talked to fast and was so dryly un-funny that it sort of killed it. not even any real mention of how the house is supposedly haunted! oh well. it was still pretty cool, just not as creepy as we’d all hoped.
  • elaine had the FANTASTIC idea to get barbecue for dinner, so we went to everett and jones in jack london square. the wait for our food was long, but when that big platter of ribs showed up and those corn muffins and greens and potato salad – it was worth the wait.
  • back at eric’s, emma and dan were waiting for us. aaron came by a little later. we played pit (clayton destroyed us) and some wii, talked a lot – a pretty fantastic night. stayed up a bit too late though which was a bummer because…
  • to make our hearst castle tour and have time to sightsee along big sur, we had to get up around 7am to hit the road at 8.
  • we left behind the rainy bay area via the 880 and the 1, and eat our dynamo donuts while watching the landscape get more and more unbelievably gorgeous.
  • after some hijinks involving a very slow-moving truck with a camper top, we pulled over at an overlook over a private beach to take photos. beautiful. the water was that light jewel turquoise that you usually see in the caribbean. we immediately started planning a beach camping trip for this summer.
  • the slow truck delayed us a bit, so opted to eat after our tours and just go straight to hearst castle. it worked out great – instead of our scheduled 2pm tour we got on the 1:10 tour. hearst castle is…AMAZING. it’s like a dream. the grounds, the rooms, the grandness of it all. we all want to go back and do the other tours. perhaps camping + hearst castle tours this summer? hmmm…
  • lunch/dinner/lupper/dunch/whatever at el chorlito, the restaurant where eric and i had dinner when we drove up the coast and stayed in cambria in 2005 (photos). it was as cute as i’d remembered and the food hit the spot.
  • we headed back down the 1 and my job was to stay awake to keep clayton awake and i failed miserably. poor clayton had to keep himself awake when the rest of us fell asleep. the drive was uneventful and we got home safely a bit after 9pm.

i’ve pretty much unpacked (i always unpack right away. i know.) now i’m catching up on the internets and rachel maddow and trying not to break down and eat the rest of those donuts. nothing big planned for the week, and i’m actually in LA this weekend – insane, right? perhaps i’ll actually have the energy to run this week or look for a bike my size. we’ll see.

i realize this is kind of inappropriate. and gross. but it’s also hilarious and oddly adorable. is that turtle actually making those noises??

via eric

via eric sent me the mcsweeney’s keeping up with the cardassians episode guide and it’s pretty fabulous.

while i’m thinking of it – ds9/bsg credits mashup. the first time i watched this a few years ago, i actually cried. that is how much i love both of these shows. …and also how pathetically nerdy i am.

update: photos!

this weekend i drove up to san francisco, ostensibly to try out this bike eric found for me. sadly, it was too tall, but the weekend was fantastic anyway. friday night eric and i ate at a thai place around the corner from his new apartment, chao thai, then played video games. THEN jon drunk-dialed me so eric and i talked to jon on speaker for a good half an hour. the next day i found out jon drunk-dialed mike right afterwards. today i found out jon was so hungover the next day, he was two hours late for a recording session with mark.

but anyway! saturday eric took me to 900 grayson and i had the ‘demon lover’ – a very delicious and gourmet version of good ol’ fried chicken and waffles. we poked around urban ore for awhile then went to the mission to get bacon maple donuts from dynamo (we ended up getting half a dozen assorted) and ice cream from humphry slocombe. i got olive oil and balsamic caramel (the olive oil was my favorite) and eric got salted licorice and ‘secret breakfast’, which was cornflakes and bourbon flavor. was it bourbon-y? and how!

after ice cream we drove to golden gate park and met up with dan and some of his friends, who were demoing dan’s new iphone game. we played a few games – got some unexpected exercise in, what with all of the running around – then headed to soma. we ate at ‘wichcraft with mike and tiffany and a couple of mike’s friends, then walked over to the metreon. we all saw ‘watchmen’ in IMAX (good, but there’re these things called ‘editing’ and ‘pacing’ that zack snyder needs to study some more), then eric and i drove mike and tiffany home. we hung out at eric’s the rest of the night, with dan and eric’s roommate, emma.

sunday morning we ate the donuts from dynamo – bacon maple and ginger orange and apricot whatever-it-was were good, but the coconut was the best. after some wii, eric, emma, dan and i piled into eric’s car and went to sea breeze, at the berkeley marina, for fish and chips (or chicken and chips or a whole crab). then eric took us on a driving tour of little-known areas of the east bay like point richmond. there was more wii-ing, then my plans to drive home were thwarted when i fell asleep. no worries, this gave eric a chance to make me a panini. we walked to the store and got ingredients – fontina, roasted red pepper, pepper crusted turkey, sourdough then ate like kings. there was some more wii, then we watched all of ‘wizard people, dear reader’ which is a dude narrating over “harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone”. have you seen this? if not, you should.

so, this morning i drove back to LA. i’ll be here for three days, then maria, clayton, elaine and i are driving back up to SF for a little road trip. winchester mystery house, hearst castle, big sur, rugby store, more ice cream and donuts!

…speaking of sandwiches…(via eric)

i just spent $25 on english muffins and i’m not one bit sorry. have you had a wolferman’s english muffin? they’re the english muffins god eats.