many years of never-ending comment spam forced me to close comments on my site, so i finally decided to make the switch to wordpress. hopefully nothing is broken or weird looking, but if it is, please let me know in the comments. any links to the old version of this site will be redirected as they come up, so don’t worry about those unless they’re still 404ing after a week or so.

i know a lot of you are disappointed to see the old site design go, but hopefully the increased speed, flexibility, and ability to comment and search will make up for it. perhaps i will reinstate the old design, or come up with a new custom design in the future, but for now – baby steps. let’s make sure this new architecture is stable first 🙂

update: i’ve tweaked the design a bit to change the format of shorter entries and display the time of each post. some other little changes here, but mostly nit-picky stuff that only i would notice.