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persona diptychs: the person, and what they carry with them. fantastic!

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eric: have you ever heard of lake agassiz?

eric: it’s a lake that was formed in the middle of the US from glacier runoff

kara: no. oh it’s big. was big.

eric: larger than all the great lakes combined!

kara: are you reading something about it?

eric: just the wikipedia

eric: it’s interesting b/c apparently it just kept getting bigger and bigger as the glacier receded

kara: nowhere to drain?

eric: until eventually an opening into the ocean opened up

eric: and it all drained *at once*

kara: yikes – 1-3 meters rise in sea level!

kara: that’s INSANE!

eric: …meanwhile, in the bible…

kara: heh

kara: how did you come across this

eric: i was reading about biblical history

eric: abrahamic religions & so on

eric: i mean… theoretically if the timing on that is there they think it is, it accounts not only for the flood myths across various religions but also global cooling and the genesis of urban life & agriculture which led to monotheism in the first place

kara: …it’s weird that this is making me hot right?

eric: =D

I am in the cookie puss variety hour gallery on flickr. please please, hold your applause.

…something really wrong about the one with the candles stuck in the eyes, though.

jon klassen’s portfolio – gorgeous! he did concept art for ‘coraline’. be sure to check out his artwork inspired by ‘the road’.

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with a surprise guest!

the photo of jonathan frakes with tousled hair (and stonewashed jeans) made my heart skip a beat. photos here

it’s science day here on hyperbolation 😀

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