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do yourself a favor and watch this chap-hop offering, then go and watch professor elemental’s first video for cup of brown joy.

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by michael black

by justin majeczky

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these illustrations kinda remind me of ‘eXistenZ‘.

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via my friend vince, who is the visual director for a major department store. I think that’s his title. uh oh, that might not be right. whatever, in my mind he runs the whole damn show over there. anyway, I laughed so hard at this I couldn’t make noises anymore.

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I’d seen a couple of these before, but they are all so amazing.

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fantastically entertaining post by warren ellis about cooking. great recipes in there: sweet potato and roasted garlic mash and onion marmalade. ps, I highly recommend his novel, ‘crooked little vein‘, if you are at all a fan of his comics or also enjoy noir.