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My father would not approve.

(Meredith Gray is a Scottish Fold)

Partysaurus Rex on Disney Video

the light outside is completely purple due to this sunset

Chris Hardwick sent Tom Hanks a 1934 Smith Corona typewriter (Tom Hanks loves vintage typewriters) with a typed invitation to come on the Nerdist podcast. This was Tom Hanks’ response:

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by Landshapes, formerly Lulu & the Lampshades

Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day:

One night in mid-September near Tromsø, Norway, high red aurora could be seen shimmering through lower green aurora in a way that created a striking and somewhat unusual violet glow. Suddenly, though, the sky flashed with the brightest fireball the astrophotographer had ever seen, as a small pebble from outer space violently crashed into the Earth’s atmosphere. The glow illuminated the distant mountain peak known as Otertinden of the Lyngen Alps. The bright meteor, which coincidently disappeared behind the same mountain, was also reflected in the foreground Signalelva River.

© Ole C. Salomonsen – click to embiggen