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yesterday we went to my cousin’s wife’s parents’ house for soup and snacks. logan and caleb are so cute! they were wearing matching (but diff. colored) sweaters that also matched matt’s (their dad). we had to leave before the brandy alexander, but the chili was sure good and so were the snacks and cookies.

upon return home, i immediately ate more cheese ball, some pickles & dried fruit, not because i was hungry but because…well…it was there. and free. and yummy. and i was feeling a little depressed (as i always do this time of year) so i decided to stuff my face. are you happy?

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…you rapscallion! how naughty! none of your business sir!

so i just got home from my annual christmas get together with my lady friends from high school. maria, nicole, katie, and tiffany (and brian) are all doing ok – everyone basically has no idea what they are doing right now, etc, but no one is sick or in a terribly desperate situation, so that’s good. mostly we all just realize that somehow we can all pick up again even though we haven’t seen each other for a year…and how many people can you say that about?

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what is the difference between ketchup and catsup? besides, i mean, the fact that i happen to think that ‘ketchup’ is the correct spelling, and ‘catsup’ just looks weird and sort of reminds me of cat puke. is one the british spelling or something?




addendum: not true, but funny and had me going for awhile until the cornchoppy story. what a tease.

check out typeflake*, an egreeting card composer that adds the bonus of font-fun. hooray!

cool paper models

AUGH! whenever i copy into this thing that’s supposed to predict your gender it predicts the author…ME…is male!!

i think soon (read: w/in next month) i will repost my first website, the ever popular Men & Women of Collegiate Film, which is linked to on the Studio22 links page, but doesn’t exist as such since my NU account no longer exists. i’m sure you’re all drooling in anticipation for the hot pics of your favorite rtvf cuties, circa 2000. wipe your mouth, kids, it’s coming back soon.

update: look here.

whoa! look at all the stuff google can do! i mean really do! i knew it was glorious (in an odd way), but not this glorious.

these are great, you should really take a look.

but i don’t understand what’s going on in this one. i can’t just drive around and enjoy the scenery or something if i want to like, get out of the house or something? i don’t get it.

addendum: a permission slip?!?