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oh my sweet god, amidst all of the poster-making excitement here at work, i almost forgot to mention this – ‘serenity’ is opening this weekend. how excited am i? SO EXCITED. if i can hold off seeing the movie for long enough i’m going to try to rent (or, let’s face it, buy) the whole series so i can watch it before the movie.

other movies i want to see: ‘the prizewinner of defiance, ohio’, ‘a history of violence’ (did you guys see viggo on ‘the daily show’ the other night?), ‘thumbsucker’, ‘everything is illuminated’, ‘the greatest game ever played’ (i both despise shia labeouf and am strangely drawn to him) and ‘2046’. i saw ‘corpse bride’ last weekend and it was delightful! i am happy for fall, both because i love the season and because the movies always get better – more ‘serious’ – during the colder months. not, as you know, that i’m adverse to mindless popcorn fare – sex, explosions and gunfights. i mean, i am the proud owner of the criteron of ‘armageddon’.

update: ‘firefly’ – bought and half-watched. it’s even better than i remembered!

i’ve always wanted to take a road trip like the do in the movies – one that is full of carefree fun, convertibles that don’t muss your hair and cathartic moments of bonding, etc etc. but getting back to reality – what i’ve always wanted to do is take a road trip to see all of the weird landmarks in the united states, like the world’s largest frying pan and the world’s largest rubber band ball and the world’s largest ball of twine. now i can finally do it because there is a handy website that lists all of these modern-day wonders: what’s large where in the US.

so – who’s in?

the joint birthday party for mark and me was a success! dinner was at karyn’s cooked, a vegan restaurant in the gallery district. i sat next to matt and there was much quoting of ‘spaceballs’. eric humored mark and did some “interesting” facial expressions to amuse/disgust/horrify the table, much to mark’s sister Meghan and Alicia’s delight. the food was sooo good, but the service was sooo slow – we were an hour late to the hungry brain. but, stef and trevor and asli and danny had already gotten the party started, so we were able to jump right in. abby came, and i hadn’t seen her in a year or so; lindsay came and actually got conrad to bike up too. i spent most of the time talking to abby and pat and jessie (who got me the special edition of ‘office space’! it includes…a RED STAPLER.).

after all of the wine with dinner (we had 4 bottles) and the free drinks people got me at the bar, i was fairly well-watered by the time i left. i was supposed to go to the cubs game today at 1:30, but i stayed in bed trying to out-sleep my hangover until about 1. i had a great time last night – thanks to everyone who made it out!

[if anyone else has photos from the night, please email me]

just got home from a long day (already it’s a long day!) in the city. it’s the second saturday in a row that i’m exhausted by 5pm. last saturday was the sta‘s snap chicago event, which meant getting up before 6am to get downtown bright and early, then 4 hours of walking around and taking photos. today i got up (not as) early to check out the renegade craft fair.

i bought a lot of cool stuff – notebooks made from old books, buttons, pins, tshirts (hamster man!), a little business card case and tiny envelopes made of maps and printed paper. i bought a lovely coptic-stitched notebook from amy (art school girl) and got the ultra-cute bear t-shirt from antonio’s new clothing company, good night, tv!

there were all kinds of handmade bags and purses and jewelry and cool posters and prints, but i managed to resist the temptation of hammerpress‘s letterpress cards and books and the bird machine‘s posters. it was tough though. after renegade, eric and i went up to lincoln square and had lunch at the grind and dessert at cafĂ© selmarie.

tonight is the joint birthday party for mark and me – dinner then drinks at the hungry brain!

renegade runs today until 6 and again tomorrow (sunday) from 11am–6pm.

update: for file path, change only the extension. i re-added in the ‘archives’ part of the url path.

i’ve migrated over to dreamhost. i was lured in by the 4.8 gigs of storage space (useful for FTP!). so far i’m pretty disappointed by how not-awesome their control panel is, especially compared to verve‘s. i already miss verve and feel a bit guilty for abandoning them…but i guess they should’ve offered me 4 gigs of space, huh?

anyway, please let me know (in the comments here) if anything doesn’t work – broken links, weird characters instead of accented ‘e’s or whatever. also, if anyone has linked to my individual entries in the past, you should change the link from

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(or the equivalent).


september 19 is ‘talk like a pirate day’. now, we know that pirates are key players in flying spaghetti monsterism (aka ‘pastafarianism’), so if you’ve been touched by His noodly appendage, you might want to pay special attention to this holiday. some pirate delights:

scientists have discovered a bug that eats the tongue of a fish then latches onto the nub and replaces it. read all about it.

sweet holy god, LOOK AT THIS!

sonnet offers CPU upgrading for the tibook i own. my beloved tibook that stopped a 50 pound dvd cabinet, the tibook that has no recordable optical drive, but i love him anyway, the tibook that i will never part with because he is so beautiful and the new aluminum ones look cheap and generic like an airbrushed regional department store model.

for christmas this year, my tibook is getting a new brain!

abram games BOAC poster

you can buy abram games prints in various sizes and finishes. once i improve my cash flow (and frame the prints and posters i already have), i’m buying at least 10 of these. they remind me of those awesome eric nitsche posters i saw at the national atomic museum in albuquerque. they also remind me of most of the animated tv shows i like (samurai jack, powerpuff girls, foster’s home for imaginary friends), most of which have to do, tangentially at least, with russian constructivism.

via drawn!

eric: cecile says she’ll eat anything

eric: even “swiss chard”

kara: HA

kara: well, i don’t like swiss chard. it’s bitter!

eric: it has a cool name though

eric: like you were trying to say swiss cheese, but got sucker punched in the middle of it