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chipotle receipt

…uh. what? chipotle – don’t try so hard!

seth, chris ware & ivan brunetti

stripped books is running a serial based on a comics panel that took place in chicago last year. it was moderated by ivan brunetti and mostly has to do with the other artists’ workflow and respective styles. what is really cool is that as the subject and speaker changes, so does the style of the comic. sometimes it looks like a page from ‘it’s a good life if you don’t weaken‘ and sometimes you could swear you were reading chris ware‘s comic in the reader.

i forgot my lip balm on my dresser.

this is going to be a bad day.

i hate these socks; they manage to be abrasive and stick to my feet at the same time. i’ve always hated them. i don’t know why i don’t just throw them out.

when i get home i’ll throw them out.

*sigh* no, i probably won’t.

update: i see the meme is growing.

from jessica at insurgent muse, a random website i read every day. i don’t know her at all and i don’t actually remember how i first came to her site either. oh well.

please keep in mind that i:

  • am notoriously indecisive
  • was a film major and thus have about 15,000 ‘favorite movies’
  • watch approximately 6 hours of tv a day, own a tivo AND am a faithful bit-torrenter
  • work as a web programmer and am a nerd – thus i read about 30 websites every day and have about 10-20 others that i read on-and-off

you have been warned.

four jobs i’ve had in my life:

  1. data entry
  2. film/video equipment manager (cage monkey/guru for you rtvf-ers)
  3. video editorial/post-production
  4. web application programming

four movies i can watch over and over:

  1. clue
  2. tommy boy
  3. armageddon
  4. the big lebowski

four places i have lived:

  1. quad cities, il
  2. evanston, il
  3. chicago, il
  4. skip ahead to august and i can add london

four tv shows i love to watch:

  1. house
  2. lost futurama
  3. grey’s anatomy
  4. numbers

four places i’ve been on vacation:

  1. honshu, japan
  2. amsterdam, netherlands
  3. madrid, spain
  4. glacier nat’l park, montana/int’l peace park: waterton, canada

four websites i visit daily:

  1. achewood
  2. wil wheaton’s site (normally
  3. dooce
  4. engadget

four of my favorite foods:

  1. grandma’s coconut cream pie
  2. gyoza
  3. english-style meat pies panang curry
  4. frozen beef taquitos from trader joe’s

four places i would rather be right now:

  1. oakland, ca
  2. milan, il
  3. los angeles, ca
  4. [insert name of tropical island here]

four bloggers i am tagging:

looking forward to your responses!

  1. eric (check!)
  2. meghan (check!)
  3. tyler (check!)
  4. erin (check!)

just got home from a preview screening of ‘underworld: evolution’ with cecile, jon, kat and charlie. it was good – not great, but definitely entertaining. things that weren’t so great:

  • constant exposition. constant.
  • unnecessary flashbacks, or where flashbacks were reasonable, unnecessary aural flashbacks. i don’t need to hear dialogue from only minutes earlier; i remember it just fine, thanks.
  • many events were so…convenient for our heroine and hero.
  • too much of the ‘vampire eyes’ contacts.

overall i’d say it was worth it, particularly if you’re a fan of ‘underworld’. the sequel picks up right where the first one leaves off – the very same night, maybe the same hour – and you get to see some backstory on the elders. i still can’t decide if the sex scene was alright. it was really jarring. charlie was all, ‘what is this rated?? i didn’t think there was going to be a sex scene…’ and i use the phrase ‘sex scene’ tentatively since jeez, could they have shown more of scott speedman, all naked and hovering like a FOOT away from her pelvis? how is that sex? maybe this is how immortals have sex. IN THEIR MINDS.

anyway, despite all of the above, i found ‘underworld: evolution’ to be thoroughly enjoyable. while ‘underworld’ was more story-driven – more cool plot twists and glimpses into the world of…uh, underworld – ‘underworld: evolution’ was a down-and-dirty action movie. that last fight was a real crowd-pleaser! kind of reminded me of the t-rex fight in ‘king kong’ or maybe some of the more memorable moments in ‘hostel’.

update: my suspicions are confirmed! kate beckinsale WAS still with michael sheen (lucien) on the first movie! and she left him for the director – ouch.

kara: where is zump?

eric: he’s on the bed

eric: lying on his side

kara: which side

eric: (i like how we talk about zump as if he were a real person)

eric: his port side

kara: lol

eric: in nautical terms

behold, more evidence of my lameness – or actually, i guess we both come off as pretty idiotic.

…is this even funny at all to anyone except me? i don’t think even eric finds this amusing. cripes. loser –> me

the funniest song i’ve heard in awhile – ‘make you happy tonight’ by tripod.

of course, when jon sent it to me he thought that i would be playing it via some headphones, but we don’t rock the headphones here at work, so instead i played it out loud and everyone got to hear it…and thus my status as office loser is cemented.

still, the song is hilarious.

travis: how long has it been since you had real chocolate?

antonio: well…i haven’t had milk knowingly for…five years

travis: i don’t know what i’d do if i couldn’t have milk! i love it! i eat milk and pizza at the same time!

kara: ewwwwww

antonio: it’s not natural! it’s just…wrong!

travis: what do you mean?

antonio: milk is meant to take a calf to a cow in a few weeks. we’re the only species that drinks another animal’s milk! it’s wrong!

[skeptical noises from everyone else]

antonio: serious! look, you don’t see koalas running up to gorillas and sucking on their gorilla teats!

prince throws in his two cents: animal kingdom (first verse)

(*quote from arnold schwarzenegger)

thai pizza? clayton
koi mural & window

update: all photos from the weekend are posted!

update: i can’t help but notice that pat’s photo is getting far more hits than any of my other photos. either this is from one person visiting many times (you know who you are), or a lot of people think pat’s hot. 🙂 it’s a toss-up i guess.

this weekend pat, jessie, lindsay and i planed or trained down to st. louis to have a mini-vacation with maria and nicole. it was awesome! the weather was INSANELY good. like spring! today it was 72 degrees!

pat, jessie and i flew out of midway on friday night. the flight was obscenely short – i think we were only in the air for about 40 minutes. lindsay had arrived in st. louis early in the afternoon. maria and nicole (and lindsay) picked us up at the airport and we went back to their apartments to regroup before going out; lindsay and i stayed with maria and clayton and pat and jessie stayed with nicole and matt.

that night we went to a bar in the loop called 609. it was fairly crowded though – no tables available. it was a neat-looking place though. they had a live dj, dance floor and hookahs. also, a lot of guys. i think i might’ve heard the phrase ‘sausage party’ bandied about; as soon as we walked in a bunch of heads shot around to size up the newcomers. creepy. anyway, we left to go to a different place we thought would be less crowded, but there was a line at that place and everyone was tired after traveling and/or working all day anyway. we went back to maria and clayton’s and watched some adult swim until everyone was ready to pass out. meanwhile at nicole’s, everyone was playing monopoly into the wee hours and making 3am taco bell runs.

saturday we met at 11:30 for lunch at fitz’s, a local root beer brewery and restaurant. i had a huge root beer float – sooo good! we went to the art museum (free!) and met up with a few of maria and nicole’s friends. i had texted pat mullen* earlier in the day to see if he was in st. louis or not and he was, so later on he also came to the museum! we walked around for over and hour then split ways with pat and maria and nicole’s college friends. we switched up cars so all the girls were in one car and all the boys in the other and headed to our next stop…

pat north entrance   hops model tankroom chandelier

the anheuser-busch brewery tour! it was really interesting! i wish we could’ve seen more. we saw the clydesdales, the aging tanks and some other huge brewery machinery. nicole and matt had been a few times so they made sure we were in the right positions to be the first on the trolleys back to the free beer. matt and pat were so excited about the free beer i thought they might stroke out. we enjoyed our 2 free beer samples then the girls went back to nicole’s so lindsay and i could see her apartment while the boys went to pick up some board games and (at matt’s insistence) beer. we reconvened at maria’s and spent the rest of the night eating pizza, watching ‘napoleon dynamite’, playing board games and in pat and matt’s case, getting incredibly drunk. trying to understand what matt was saying when he was slurring and stuttering his way through the trivial pursuit questions was bad enough, but trying to play taboo, a game that requires quick-thinking, was positively disasterous. 🙂 eventually everyone got tired or too wasted and nicole drove matt, pat and jessie home. we went to bed sometime around 2.

today we went downtown to union station. we ate at hard rock café and fed the giant koi in the lagoon. we walked lindsay to the amtrak station then everyone else drove back to nicole and matt’s to relax before heading to the airport.

it was a really great weekend – hopefully i’ll be able to spend some more time with maria and nicole this summer and there is talk of them coming up sometime in the spring!