i have once again proved my lifetime membership in the sacred order of nerdity: yesterday i identified the etymology of tengwar (elvish to you non-nerds out there…i just keep getting lamer and lamer) and today i identified a quote from “the Game” – David Fincher’s best film in my opinion.

tonight is the 3rd part of round one of american idol. yes, my roommates have gotten me hooked on american idol, whereas i’ve gotten them hooked on alias. this feels like an uneven trade. tomorrow i think meghan and i (and hopefully all of you…all one of you who probably read this) are hitting the century to see “confessions of a dangerous mind.” finally. since our first attempt on saturday failed.

still trying to figure out this whole spring break thing…thinking it’s going to be me and meghan sitting in our apartment for a week while i edit “the caseys.” ideas? that are cheap i mean? and not stupid? let me know!

thanks again to holly for lending me her pubweb space. i love that girl.


i think i’m actually getting more panicked about my religion classes. i think the panic escalated around the time i realized i have two papers due in a week. of course right now i’m….procrastinating as usual. actually considering procrastinating in the morning too and going to eac instead of reading.

today was the superbowl – i’m sure jon is extremely unhappy that his team got walloped. afterwards was a new episode of alias and man, did the shit go down! what a great show.


freaking out about my 2 religion classes. how will i ever catch up? how will i write two papers next weekend? how will i ever know what to write about?! ack!

luckily, tonight is holly’s 22nd birthday party at las palmas. this should be fun. we got her a life-sized spike cut-out.

last night the ladies went to dinner at campagnola. it should be a sin to taste food that good. it probably is a sin.

the weather forecast this morning was a balmy 1 degree. that’s right. A degree. that’s without the wind chill.

now for the really good news – my boss’s wife is going to have a baby in july! hooray! the only downside: now jim can’t stay out till 6am with us anymore. how will parties and clubs ever be the same?


i think the party last night went well. i say “think” because i spent most of it hiding in my room. i was totally NOT in the mood for a party, plus i took one of my sisters downstairs to ph some people and while i was down there, kyle (see adorable pics in [no longer available]- yes ladies, he’s single!) came and went because he couldn’t find me. i felt like a total ass. but i guess everyone else had a good time. people were making out all over the place and apparantly there was a pretty racy game of truth or dare going on in meghan’s room. meanwhile i was on the phone to columbus for 2 hours waiting for everyone to please please please just go away.

however, the party at jim’s place the night before was excellent…well, except for kate and mike getting sick, that is. but everything else was great – the people, the dancing, the music. andrew was spinning barefoot and he and grace always look so cute together. jim b’s hair was once again defying gravity and jim f was sort of uncomfortable and feeling way older than everyone else. i think he proved the opposite once he decided to prank call edelstein in nyc and i had to stop him from calling jeff since he has kids and is therefore a “real” adult. afterwards was steak & shake – a drunken tradition for the work crew – and glorious cheese fries.

tonight is yet another night at 1800 Club – karaoke sundays. but i don’t think i’ll go, or at least won’t stay very long. i have a post production meeting for The Caseys and i need to catch up on my 300+ pages of reading for the philosophy of religion class i’m adding into 2 weeks late. ahh, university.


so it’s always a debate for me how much to reveal in these postings. why? a) internet stalkers, b) my life isn’t that exciting, c) i think my mom reads this (hi mom!). so we’ll leave it at this. yesterday i had planned on a quiet night of linocutting and reading. i ended up going to a bar with some girls from my house and my roommates. except that since i didn’t plan on going out, i didn’t really eat much yesterday. you do the math. um…yeah.

but tonight is the adpi retreat, then jim b’s party at his apartment downtown. plus i guess we’re having some sort of shindig here at our apartment tomorrow night. parties are the last thing i want right now. ugh.


rush is finally over. oh thank god. so here i am, a week later and behind in all my classes. i’ve been averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep a night, and last night i only got 2. i stayed up til 5am to work on my wire sculpture for (appropriately enough) my sculpture class, then i think my prof hated it, while he liked all the crappy ones. i feel this is going to be a bad quarter. hmm. plus there’s that whole editing abby’s film thing and my other art class which requires insane amounts of out of class work. i’m so fucked.

the only redeeming part of my day? i’m at work right now – ahhh work, how i’ve missed you so. also, ahhh my tibook, how i’ve missed you so. says kate: “this place is a loony bin.” word. or something. isn’t it great when i try to be hip and it never ever works. glutton for punishment – that’s me.


back in chicago, excited to see my roommates and all of my other friends. not excited for classes or rush. stupid meghan and her being-done-with-class-ness. tonight a bunch of us are seeing chicago at the century theatre, then probably going out for A drink. because i gots no money, especially since i just spent 100 bucks to join EAC today. although i think it’ll be worth it – i’m excited to start classes there. other than that, things are great – looking forward to seeing people at work and finding out what’s the what in my art classes.


Happy New Year!

i went to my high school friend, Pat’s (not roommate Pat) house for a little get together. saw some friends, reminisced, had some laughs, etc. it was a good time. but still, i miss my chicago friends and wish rush would be over already so i could stop being so anxious about talking to all those freshmen girls and trying to sell the sorority to them. i think about all the things i have to get done the first few weeks of the quarter and i want to curl up into a ball and weep. but tonight was fun and i hope everyone had a good time at their homes, or in europe (kate, mike – screw you both…i say that with love).

but on to the resolutions:

  • my mom’s new year’s resolution is to start referring to the year as ‘twenty-oh-three’ instead of ‘two thousand three’ and to mail birthday/anniversary cards at least 5 days in advance.
  • my dad’s resolution is to try to get along better with his mother in law.
  • my resolutions are to not be afraid of saying what i mean (or what i’m thinking when i think it), to go to classes at eac at least twice a week, and to spend at least half an hour a day on leisure reading, preferrably right before bedtime.

these seem reasonable to me. i particularly like the part where i get to read every night. hooray!


this is the part of the show where i vent my concerns, talk about my interesting (ha!) day, etc. supposedly. we’ll see how long this lasts. anyway, here are my current (and inevitably petty) complaints:

  1. why does pubweb only give out 4MB of space per user? i mean i guess i know why from a logical standpoint, but come on. FOUR MEGABYTES?! who are they kidding? so far i’ve gotten two of my friends to set up pubweb accounts so i can use their space too. then there’s the annoyance of making sure all those links work across the accounts.
  2. it annoys me when the tv guide says one thing will be on but then it isn’t. damn the man.
  3. why can’t i grow about 4 more inches? then i could avoid the inevitable pants alterations that have always plagued my existence. i can’t stand trying on clothes in the store, much less putting them on again to be measured. and did i mention that i absolutely hate shopping? i just want to get in and get out as fast as possible with what i came to buy. and i quote: “this dress exacerbates the genetic misfortune that is my life.”
  4. today my grandma informed my mother and i that she had found a little piece of “computer” and wanted to know if it was ours………..wha??
  5. ~kara