yay! eric just showed me how to fix my html so i don’t have to save the long way. hooray!

meghan, eric, jon & i went to see ‘old school’ tonight. it was fucking amazing (just for you eric, just for you). i have never laughed so hard in my life. i was actually in pain from laughing so much. meghan was crying. SO FUNNY.

tomorrow is the free chipotle party at the office (yay ozzie!), meghan’s birthday at chili’s and drinking at our place. saturday is ozzie’s birthday at iggy’s. then sunday is writing the paper that will break me. ah, what a weekend!

kate and i are now in charge of the company’s marketing campaign or whatever. new logo ideas:

  • like a lawn gnome. but with more finesse
  • digital horsewhisperers.
  • digital stud ranch (thanks eric!).


tomorrow morning is registration. let’s hope that since i finally have the first enrollment appointment, i actually get all the classes i want. i spent way too much time online last night looking up interesting webpages. moodstats here i come! is this what my life has come to?


so it turns out that brendan fraser has a pretty interesting website. don’t ask why i was looking. anyway, there is a link to pianographique and it’s so much fun. definitely something to kill time.

tonight is the b-day party at eric’s. i’ll get there eventually. i can’t wait to see the mystery photo cake!


i skipped class today and watched ‘unfaithful’ with meghan. i will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have an affair. if i didn’t already know it, this movie convinced me. yikes.

so i finished reading ‘the fellowship of the ring’ last night. because i’m sure everyone is really interested. yeah, i thought so. on to the two towers!

the rest of the weekend wasn’t real interesting. i was a loser and didn’t go to any of the social events that i thought i was, and then i went to see a movie by myself (‘the quiet american’ – quite good). went to eac on sunday night with kate & mike then we hit chili’s afterwards…mmm…completely cancelling out anything we might have worked off. last night we had a ‘joe millionaire’ shindig at mike’s apartment. he made his pasta & broccoli and we all watched the taped show and booed at the bitchy women and laughed (nerdily) at the production elements of the show. stacey made cake and it was delicious as well.

i think i’m going to eac after work, then there will be the inevitably futile attempt to catch up on reading. ahh, college. hopefully tomorrow night kyle, kate and i (and whomever else) will be hitting the green mill. if kate gets her paper from hell done in time. then this weekend is the big birthday party for jon and one of eric’s hs friends. i hope jon likes what we get him. what am i thinking, of course he will! but i won’t say what it is, on the off chance that someone other than me actually reads this.


happy valentine’s day! this morning the roommates and i went to see daredevil. it was lots of fun and ben affleck and jennifer garner were totally hot, but it was pretty short (1.5 hrs) and the dialogue was a little iffy. for the rest of the day i’m…procrastinating. i can’t concentrate on homework and i can’t get myself to louis to edit. i can get myself to go to borders and barnes & noble, but not another half mile to campus. so i guess it’s the disney channel lizzie mcguire marathon is my ticket for the day. that and aim.


so board games at kate’s was super fun. i kicked ass at scattergories and then eric kicked ass at trivial pursuit. going home was overwhelmingly wonderful and i didn’t want to come back. for my mini-welcome home dinner my mom made barbecued ribs. then the next night was my grandma’s birthday/grandparents’ anniversary dinner. i had the best filet mignon i’ve ever tasted in my life. it was heaven. plus my parents have way better snacks than i do. that’s probably because they have a lot of…what’s that word? oh right. money. and i don’t.

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i can’t help but notice that i’ve mentioned the lord of the rings at least one in my last four posts. you might ask yourself, is lord of the rings all that this kid watches? and the answer would be…yes. this movie, well either of them, are on at my apartment at least once every other day. pat has seen the end of the fellowship of the ring about 30 times, and has only seen the beginning once…when he saw it in the theatre. fran has even come up with a new idea for a commercial announcing dvd releases of the trilogy. i’ll post that when i get her to send me a copy of the script.

tomorrow i go home! yay! i’m excited. tonight we’re playing board games and watching enterprise at kate’s. life is good. plus, i got to make labels with the electronic label-maker at work today! BONUS! also, i’m completely caught up in one of my classes. sure, i’m like 400 pages behind in the other one, but come on, this is progress. as for my printmaking class…ideas for a diptych? one plate is a poem or quote, the other is a 4-color print based on a photograph that somehow goes along with the verse. ideas? anyone? anyone? i don’t know anything about literature, so this would be a good time for someone to impress me.


today is my special day! well, one of them anyway. today is the 21st anniversary of the day i came to america. i celebrated with japanese pan noodles from noodles & company and “the recruit.” mmm…colin farrell. oh yes.

the papers went ok i guess. but working on them (read: procrastinating) all weekend meant that i’m even farther behind in my reading. yikes.

happily, this weekend i go home to the quad cities for my grandparents’ wedding anniversary…but really the trip was motivated by my orthodontist who insisted i come back so he could fit my new retainer that had to be sent away for because my u.r. 12-year molar is that fucked up.

…and now we’re going to watch the lotr: the fellowship of the ring (extended edition). again. shut up.


ah, procrastination. i am the master. so far i’ve watched charlie’s angels (+special features), downloaded pics of elijah wood, checked my email about 35 times and balanced my checkbook. yep, those papers are just writing themselves. i have this weird urge to play some board games or go to eac. anything to avoid thinking about writing. although i have actually brought my notebooks into the living room. that’s a good first half step.

for all of you with the two towers bootleg, be sure to watch it with the english subtitles on. oh let the hilarity ensue! check this out if you aren’t lucky enough to own the boot.


so last night we watched lotr: the two towers at our apartment. a bootleg of course. it was pretty decent…lots of artifacting and funky sound, but still all the hotness you can handle….or can you? oh, there was also a gap in the middle where i’m guessing the dv tape ran out or the camera battery died. so basically you never see aragorn get thrown over the cliff – it cuts from the middle of the battle to the men arriving at helm’s deep. then gimli says that aragorn fell and those who haven’t seen the real movie are thinking, ‘he WHAT?!’ then later you see him floating down the river and it’s even more confusing for those poor people. oh well. guess you should have paid the $8 to see it in the theater, eh? the best part of the bootleg was that the case was all professional looking – except the top said “widscreen collection.” yeah. wid. that’s how i like it.

just finished talking to my mom…she felt icky this morning so she took a fiorinal…yeah. she’s a little loopy today. all that caffeine and butalbital. did i mention she’s a teacher’s aide for kindergarten? watch out kids!

i bought paper last night for my relief printmaking class…i think it’s too thick. i think i totally screwed myself with my linocut design. why can’t i just half-ass it and turn out substandard work?! oh right…i have like, standards and stuff. and those two papers i have write this weekend…riiiight. no idea. so if you have ideas for a comparative idealisms or comparative trinitarianisms paper (or a good spring break plan), email me!