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whew! first day of class and i’m exhausted and it’s only…well, i guess it’s midnight, but whatever. i was up at annenberg for ipc 20 minutes early this morning, then got let out early so i went to norris and bought my books then went to the printmaking lab to pick up my tablets and portfolio from last quarter (got an a! made the dean’s list!). then i went to the house and read half a chapter for ipc. went to parkes for anal/perf (analysis & perfomance of literature for you non-nu people) then ran home for lunch. then went to work where i had multiple meetings about look & feel and the commercial shoot. went from there to the house for chapter dinner and chapter, left early to haul ass up to francis fucking searle for my internship seminar. then came home and glutted myself on veggies and triscuit. a lot of veggies and triscuit. a lot.

sleepy. i guess i’m not going to get more reading done.


this weekend was great! i played the piano whenever i wasn’t sleeping or eating or at a family function which was…well, not as often as i would’ve liked. but i practiced some chopin and managed to keep my mom up all night on friday. the baby shower was super too – we went to this cute little antique place and had tea. two kinds of tea (yummy) and lots of good food including the best scones i’ve ever had. my mom made some great enchiladas too and i got the leftovers (of course). i also bought fresh produce for the first time in months.

tonight the plan was to go to 1800 club, but then i looked at my class schedule (first day of my last quarter tomorrow!) and realized i have to be up at annenberg at 10am. ick. very ick. plus i still haven’t heard where my internship seminar is being held tomorrow night. yeargh. back to reality.


today i go home for the weekend! dad’s picking me up in about half an hour. then it’s good food and my piano all weekend. good thing i’m going home because so far this weekend looks pretty crappy weather-wise. it’s all gray and rainy and humid and gross. but that cold humidity, not warm. so you just feel sort of clammy all over.

meghan and i watched ‘liberty heights’ last night and it was really great. i highly recommend it. although it was a bit longer than either of us expected. but adrien brody and ben foster were really great.


last night meghan, eric, mike, and i went downtown to the green mill to see kurt elling play. ok, we didn’t really see much of him, but we could hear plenty. it was super! meghan and i got there later on and had to wait in line outside for a little while, which was sort of annoying, mostly because we could see eric and mike through the window and i had never noticed a line there before. but i guess that’s because usually i get there around 8 instead of 9:30. anyway, the show was great. afterwards eric, meghan and i went to steak ‘n shake and i indulged in my ritual plate of cheese fries. mmm.

today i have to take a couple of dvds back to blockbuster, redigitize all my media on avid 4 since it all got dumped yesterday as part of spring break cleaning at louis. in preparation i have already thrown two books in my bag and i’ll probably pick up lunch on the way there too. then i have to figure out what’s going on with this weekend. my cousin’s baby shower is on saturday, and i’m supposed to be catching a ride to the qca with her and her mom. but i haven’t heard anything from them so i’m a little uncertain as to what the deal is. i’m going to call my cousin later on today i think. then tonight meghan and i need to watch ‘liberty heights’ after we hit eac.

ugh. step one. put the computer away and go brush my teeth.


the academy awards went more than well. my faith in the academy has been restored with the announcement of adrian brody as this year’s best actor. i was so happy i actually jumped up and down and yelled. plus, i got my jello back. i finished it off today and it was delicious. meghan and i got pine yard for the oscars and that was great too.

actually, the past couple days have been awesome. sunday the weather was great and i sat outside for a few hours reading magazines. yesterday meghan and i went to navy pier. we went on the ferris wheel, ate chicago style hot dogs, saw the lion king at the imax, and went on the architecture boat tour. the boat tour was probably the best $18 i’ve ever spent. it was AMAZING! the weather was beautiful and the tour guide was very knowledgable…i learned stuff AND had a good time! the only low point was when a seagull pooped on meghan’s sleeve. but that was easily remedied. oh, and the guy who does the juggling/balloon show for the kids – he was sort of giving us the eye in a semi-creepy way. but other than that. awesome!

today i finished watching the first season of ‘six feet under.’ it was so good. what a great show. i can’t wait to see the second season. i also rented ‘liberty heights’ which josh recommended due to adrian brody’s performance. plus the back of the box sounded interesting.


ok i feel much better than i did 2 days ago. i’m feeling a little stressed about the film, but other than that i’m ok. i’m on the 3rd disc of ‘Six Feet Under’ and it is so amazingly good. i watched ‘the importance of being earnest’ last night and it was SO clever. it made me want to speak in a british accent for the rest of the night. plus, before that meghan and i went to dinner at outback and had some excellent steak. mmm…

tomorrow is the academy awards, so i’m bracing myself for my yearly ritual of screaming at the tv for how backwards the academy vote turns out. however, the plan is to have some sort of academy awards drinking game at eric’s place. maybe mike and jon will bring my leftover jello. i have started a few rules. most assuredly, everyone will be drunk by Best Director.

also, here are some of the top quotes from ‘calvin & hobbes,’ beloved cartoon of yesteryear.


dude, ‘spider’ is a creepy movie. really creepy. any movie where the lead actor who is getting paid mad bank (i’m hip….i’m with it….) and only has 3 comprehensible lines has to be weird. but it was a good weird.

i think my head’s about to explode with this whole work project thing. yeargh. i can’t even think of what i have to do next with that or editing or whatever. i thought stress was supposed to be over when finals were done? but oh, that’s right….the fucking WAR.

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what the fuck?! what the hell is this?!

anyway – erin’s going away party was awesome and the karaoke was great. i am officially done with winter quarter classes and couldn’t be happier about it. today i called a bunch of studios for day rate quotes and damn are studios expensive. ugh. but today is the student 20% off sale at borders. and that is SUPER! i bought 6 books and a cd. and i’m going back after work to peruse the dvds. rockin.


ok, so it’s technically the 16th, but it’s only 12:28, so i say it counts as saturday still. meghan and i just got back from the bbq. it was awesome. started at 5, ended at midnight. brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, salads, cookies, tons of beer…ahh. this is the life. plus it was GORGEOUS today. only wore my red hooded sweatshirt as a coat. eric danced a lot, kate’s girls came, it was awesome.

AND today i printed my edition of my woodcut dyptich for printmaking. tomorrow i have to go in to do a monotype, and i have NO idea what to do for it, but at least that’s all i have left! then just the critique on monday morning and i’m done for the quarter!! HOORAY!! oh yeah – the papers went ok. at least they’re over. whatever.

tomorrow (today) is erin’s going away party – she’s going to cincinnati for her teaching media quarter for medill. las palmas and karaoke at 1800. excellent. the quarter is looking a lot better now that i don’t really have any more work to do.


one paper down, one to go! then i’ll only have printmaking to worry about. three days to finish my portfolio…think it can happen? it’ll have to. i went to the art store to get paper today, but they were out of the two kinds i needed. i guess i should have gotten my ass over there sooner. so to to salvage the trip i bought a newfangled red mechanical pencil. yeehaw. i’m such a rebel.

the first barbecue of the season is taking place at mike & jon’s this weekend! hooray for eric’s party planning. hooray for bratwurst. god bless us all.